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IAM Mobile

"Sybase 365 was very proactive and got the system up very quickly. I was very impressed with the speed at which Sybase 365 worked."

Hilton Rosenthal
Managing Director
IAM. Mobile Pty Ltd.

IAM mobile provides entertainment products and related services for mobile devices in Australia. Apart from its strong presence in the domestic market, IAM has wide global network with application service providers. When IAM launched "Live8", an SMS campaign for the eradication of poverty, Sybase 365 offered its unparalleled expertise in generating and managing the traffic of messages.

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Sybase 365 Mobile Services: Delivering Technical Superiority with Philanthropy
IAM Mobile Pty Ltd. is an Australian-based provider of entertainment products and services for mobile devices. IAM Mobile is also the Australian partner for conVISUAL's Mobile Interactive TV Platform. Headquartered in Germany, conVISUAL is the world's leading wireless application service provider for visual and multimedia messaging services, and offers a comprehensive portfolio of licensed brands and premium content for mobile. IAM Mobile needed a strong partner to facilitate and deliver the messaging component of the Live8 petition.

Live8 was the brainchild of pop stars Sir Bob Geldof and Bono, who set up a series of concerts around the world to coincide with the G8 meeting of global leaders in Edinburgh, U.K. and was set up as a global fundraiser and awareness raiser. The service was promoted via the use of a strip along the bottom of the screen during the Live8 telecast, which asked participants to text their name to be added to a petition. Participants also saw their names scroll on the TV screen.

IAM Mobile wanted to encourage Fox8 News viewers to show their solidarity with the theme of "making poverty history" by sending their names via SMS for inclusion in the Live8 petition to global leaders attending the annual G8 summit. There was no money making objective — participants were charged at the standard SMS messaging rate. Sybase 365 donated its share of the MO traffic to the appeal. For such a time-sensitive promotion, robust connections were critical. Sybase 365 set up the number and operator connections with a very short turnaround to meet IAM Mobile's requirements. It was a showcase project; therefore, the campaign needed to operate with no margin for error and delivery was seamless. In addition, Sybase 365 ensured that the high volume of messages was handled with quick throughput to enable the real-time connections on-screen.

Fox8 viewers watched the Live8 broadcast, and responded to the streaming banner on the bottom of the TV screen. The results were outstanding: per capita, Australia's SMS sign ups for the Live8 list were the highest in the world.

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