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Citibank has found a way to keep its customers in the loop in an easy, non-invasive way – only the information you want is sent to you, and it all happens through your mobile phone.

Citibank is one of the world's largest banking groups with over 100 years of experience in institutional and retail banking. It soon realized the importance of providing vital financial information to its clients in a fast and non-interfering manner. Citibank opted for Sybase 365 Mobile Services to empower its customers to receive information related to stock markets, bank account transactions, investment opportunities and other banking needs via mobile device.

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Citibank’s Mobile Alert Services Around the World
Imagine that you are a banking customer in a major Asian city. You would like to keep track of all the financial activities that interest you, not to mention the banking activities that directly affect you and your family. But who has the time to track that amount of information or to constantly monitor stocks and bonds that a­re interesting? Who has time to unearth financial news—as it happens—so they can make decisions about critical investments? Citibank has found a way to keep its customers in the loop in an easy, non-invasive way only the information you want is sent to you. And it all happens through your mobile phone. It is called Citibank Alerts, an SMS message service free to all Citibank customers (Citibank Alerts can also be delivered via email).

Using the Citibank website, Citibank customers sign up to receive mobile or email alerts related to their spending habits and bank activities, as well as the latest movements on the NASDAQ, New York Stock Exchange, and Singapore Stock Exchange. Customers are permitted to select up to ten stocks about which they can receive mobile SMS alerts. These stocks can be monitored and triggered at any time, and customers select from a variety of options to monitor movements: rises above, drops below, percentage rise, percentage drop, yesterday close, etc. Customers can also choose frequency and type of alerts.

Citibank uses mobile services and software leader Sybase 365 to ensure seamless, real-time delivery of the SMS alerts via any host operator across the region. Time is critical to assure the success of the service and Sybase 365 delivers each SMS alert rapidly. Initially launched on Singapore-based networks, the Citibank Alerts service is now available in 16 countries throughout Asia, Europe, and the Middle East: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Russia, Hungary, Turkey, Italy, U.K., Germany, Spain, Pakistan, The United Arab Emirates, and Egypt.

Citibank with over 30,000 employees grasped the need felt by an expansive, global customer base and decided that they could best provide their customers with the critical information necessary to make quick and sound investment decisions. Their modern and up to date information delivery system, powered by Sybase 365, is vital to the banks long run competitive strategy.

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