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Top 10 Reasons for Developers to Upgrade to ASE 15.0

Upgrading any software package is not always a pleasant task. Whether it is the UI changes that cause drops in productivity due to having to hunt for functions that you used to know where they were located – or whether changes to the API which cause significant debugging and troubleshooting when recompiling the code.

Upgrading Sybase ASE is no different. From a developer’s perspective, the old adage of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” often causes us to stick with older, familiar versions of software – long after the next release is out….or the one after that.

However, we also are aware that we are more than willing to upgrade if the new release offers some attractive reasons for doing so – especially:

Notice the developer slant of the above list. It is intentional. Whether you are an application developer - or a development DBA – this paper is for you. We will not be discussing changes in system administration, or anything else that does not contribute 100% to the challenges of application development.

While it is organized as a “top 10” list, it does not imply that item 5 in the list is more important than item 8 and item 1 is the most important of all. How important each item is to you will depend on the relevance to your current project – and could quite easily change with the next.

One thing you may notice in the discussions – the power of one feature often is magnified when combined with another feature – and using the two together may achieve levels of functionality beyond what you may have considered. As a result, you may often find some of the examples in this document leverage more than one of the new features.

Click here to view the complete document (PDF).

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