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Increasing Throughput with Sybase RAP – The Trading Edition

With RAP – The Trading Edition, a customer has access to two data repositories: intra-day (known as the RAPCache) and historical (known as the RAPStore). This paper discusses two approaches to increasing data throughput to the RAPCache database.

In a typical installation (see figure 1), the production environment includes a single RAPCache responsible for storing all intra-day data. The RAPCache contains data for each message received during the day. Each different message type is stored in a different table, allowing for flexible reporting. The following scenarios discuss installations with multiple RAPCaches. It is important to understand that each RAPCache requires its own RAPCache Subscriber and that these components should always reside on the same servers.

Each day at the close of business, the RAPCache is reset, purging it of all intra-day data, in preparation for the next business day.

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