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Sybase Technote: PowerDesigner / PowerAMC ESD#1 MSI installer error

Summary:  A problem in 15.0 ESD#1 EBF 16355 and 16356 MSI file may cause product upgrade stops with a "File pdxxx15.dll is missing" message.


This document contains the following sections:

Problem Description

If the Visio Export Add-in was installed with PowerDesigner/AMC 15.0 GA, the 15.0 ESD#1 EBF 16355 (PowerDesigner) or EBF 16366 (PowerAMC) MSI installer will fail to complete with an error message about a missing DLL file in the installer.

If you have downloaded these EBFs, as a workaround you can either use the EBF#1 zip file, or rename the Visio Export Add-in directory under PowerDesigner/AMC root installation path before running the MSI installer.

The following products and versions are affected by this issue:

PowerDesigner 15.0 ESD#1 EBF 16355 MSI installer file

PowerAMC 15.0 ESD#1 EBF 16356 MSI installer file


Sybase recommends that customers who have downloaded EBF 16355 for PowerDesigner or EBF 16356 for PowerAMC download and install the replacement EBFs listed below that resolve the issue

Product EBF
PowerDesigner 15.0 16388
PowerAMC 15.0 16389


Customers can obtain software EBFs from  the EBFs/Maintenance downloads site at http://downloads.sybase.com

If you require further assistance, please contact your local support center. The contact numbers can be found in the About Support section under the Support & Downloads menu at the http://www.sybase.com website.



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