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This technote applies to the release and authenticated versions of SQL Anywhere 9.0.2. It does not apply to the Developer Edition.

The procedure below was tested under Ubuntu 8.04 and may also apply to other versions of Ubuntu.

The Ubuntu 8.04 distribution introduced behaviour changes in the cut utility included with coreutils 6.9. These changes prevent the SQL Anywhere 9.0.2 setup program from successfully installing the software. To install SQL Anywhere 9.0.2 on Ubuntu 8.04:

  1. Copy the SQL Anywhere 9.0.2 CD contents to a temporary directory on your hard disk.
  2. Change to that temporary directory and replace the file "setup" with this file (extract the file from the ZIP archive).
  3. The setup file is simply a script to install the software. You can now execute this script and follow the prompts to complete the installation.
  4. You may now remove the SQL Anywhere 9.0.2 CD image from your temporary directory to conserve hard disk space.

The new "setup" file has the following changes:

In all lines containing the "cut" command with the "-f" argument, comma that immediately follows the "-f" was removed.

For example, this line:

OS_REL_1=`echo $OS_REL | cut -d. -f,1`

was changed to the following:

OS_REL_1=`echo $OS_REL | cut -d. -f1`


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