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"The Advantage Database Server platform is what makes it possible for us to focus on improving our application features, and the technology makes it possible for our features to have their full positive impact on our customers. We could not have succeeded as much as we have without Advantage Database Server."

Charlie Wolfe
WolfePak Software

By utilizing Advantage Database Server, WolfePak can install its accounting solutions within a database environment that's simple to deploy, easy to maintain, prevents file corruption, and executes financial transactions faster.

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When WolfePak Software needed a database platform on which to migrate its oil-and-gas accounting software to a Windows environment, the company found the technology it needed in Advantage Database Server from Sybase iAnywhere. By utilizing Advantage Database Server, WolfePak can install its accounting solutions within a database environment that's simple to deploy, easy to maintain, prevents file corruption, and executes financial transactions faster. Since integrating its software with Advantage Database Server in 2000, WolfePak has deployed the combined solution at more than 1200 businesses.

Finding a Database Platform to Execute Transactions Quickly and Protect Data Integrity
Since 1986, Texas-based WolfePak Software has provided oil and gas operators and service companies across the country with a complete suite of accounting software. WolfePak solutions provide all of the accounting functions for lease and well operations, AFEs, invoicing, revenue distribution, general accounting and payroll. WolfePak also meets the specific needs of the oil and gas industry, which requires the tracking of unique business characteristics such as owner-revenue distribution on a well-by-well basis, ownership percentages of individual wells, and net expenses vs. income on a well-by-well basis. WolfePak has a wide range of different size customers, ranging from single user mom-pop type operation to businesses with as many as 150 users across multiple offices as well as personnel that work remotely.

As the company began converting its software to a Windows environment, WolfePak needed to find a database platform on which to run its software that wouldn't be a burden on its smaller customers from both a cost and an IT aspect. Yet it needed to be scalable such that it would have enough power to handle the larger customers in a true client-server fashion.

WolfePak also sought a technology partner that offered a cost effective database that was easy to deploy and support. "We wanted a system customers could install on their own", said Charlie Wolfe, President of WolfePak Software, "and that would keep running without any required maintenance. This was a critical attribute since very few of our customers have internal resources to manage their IT systems."

File-Based Access Capability: A Critical Requirement
WolfePak looked specifically for a platform that would support the file-based access method, an attribute not commonly found among all database platform software manufacturers. "File-based access is available among some of the freeware and lower-cost databases," Wolfe says. "We also wanted to partner with a company that not only had a great reliable database at the time; it also had the resources and vision to be constantly improving it, always staying a step ahead of our needs."

WolfePak tested Paradox, but the software did not provide all the capabilities WolfePak needed, such as a client-server option. "We also found that most of the big-name databases, such as Oracle, besides not being very cost effective, only provide SQL-based data access, which would not enable us to keep running our application without a major re-write," Wolfe says. "Keeping our file-base access method was critical."

Sybase iAnywhere's Advantage Database Server Solves the Challenge
WolfePak found the answer to its requirements in Advantage Database Server from Sybase iAnywhere. A full-featured, high-performance client/server data management system, Advantage Database Server (ADS) is unique in that it provides Indexed Sequential Access Method table-based access as well as SQL-based data access.

"This was exactly the feature we needed to help facilitate our rewriting of our applications for the windows platform." Wolfe says. "When we looked at other databases, we could also see that ADS would better enable us to maintain the way our original application operated through tables with traditional finds and set-ranges as well as the way it quickly finds the data we access via each type of key structure. ADS let us take our system and rewrite it for a visual Windows environment without having to change the underlying functionality."

Another key feature of ADS for WolfePak is that the software runs in the background and requires no maintenance from end-users. This allows WolfePak software to run efficiently so that end users can generate the accounting information they need to run their businesses. With each new WolfePak sale, the customer receives a copy of ADS. WolfePak sometimes loads the software for the customer, but the process is simple enough that most customers handle it on their own.

Since WolfePak began deploying ADS at customer sites in 2000, ADS has transparently and consistently run in the background while keeping WolfePak data in working order while also offering file protection and executing transactions faster. ADS is currently running at 1200 WolfePak customer sites.

Protecting Data Integrity and Accelerating Transaction Speeds While Running Without User Intervention
"Perhaps the most important feature that Advantage Database Server offers is that it protects the integrity of the data for our customers," Wolfe says. "This helps avoid having to fix corrupted files, which is a particularly big challenge if a proper back-up is not available and which is often the case with small businesses. ADS keeps our software running properly all of the time." Wolfe added that ADS also speeds-up the processing time that it takes for WolfePak software to execute transactions much faster when it comes to functions such as posting journals. ADS also allows WolfePak programmers to write more robust features because Sybase iAnywhere technology takes care of all of the background functions.

"We rarely have to support ADS," Wolfe says. "We just install it, and it takes care of itself. WolfePak has not required a lot of support with ADS, but the few times the company has needed help, it's been a big advantage to have a major manufacturer like Sybase to rely on. "Sybase helps us diagnose problems when needed," Wolfe says. "When we had a large user network and the outside IT consultant was pointing towards us and our database for the cause of their problems, it was good to have muscle like that behind us with the tools we don't have to analyze networks and packets so we could prove what the real source of the problem was."

In looking back at the recent success of WolfePak Software, Wolfe says, "Our revenues have grown steadily over the years, and it's mainly due to the features that we have added to our software, our outstanding customer service record and our cost effective product. The Advantage Database Server platform is what makes it possible for us to focus on improving our application by leveraging more and more of the database's features. Our partnership with Advantage Database is one of the driving forces for our success!"

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