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After restoration of the Shared File System and SyncDB database and log file you may see the following errors in your browser when you attempt to view the WebPIM: This technical document outlines the steps required to resolve the issue of an inaccessible Web PIM.

Required Software

  1. Windows OS (Windows 2003 SP2 Enterprise tested)
  2. Pylon Anywhere (versions 8.0.2 and higher)
  3. Web browser (tested IE 6.x)



To provide a simple walk through on how to make the user’s Web PIM accessible again after restoration of Shared File System and SyncDB database and log file.
Note: This was tested using Pylon Anywhere 8.0.2


  1. Close the Pylon Anywhere Admin Console
  2. Open up the web browser and open //localhost/sgadmin
  3. Click on Enterprise Info
  4. Check the box next to the Enterprise Name and click Remove Enterprise.
  5. Close the web browser and wait to make sure that the memory on the server is not spiking. You can check this by going to:
    • Task Manager
    • Performance
    • CPU Usage
  6. Open the Pylon Anywhere Admin Console once the CPU usage on the server has stabilized
  7. Go to any user under:
    • Management
    • Users and right-click and select 'Use Website As User'

  8. You should now see the WebPIM displayed correctly.

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