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Cerner BeyondNow

“Sybase iAnywhere Solutions' synchronization is tremendous, particularly as far as the speed and performance it offers compared to other vendors' solutions.”

Lisa Cone
Cerner BeyondNow

For over 26 years, Cerner has focused on developing healthcare information technology solutions. Cerner BeyondNow helps to improve patient care by integrating all three facets of the homecare business: clinical activities, billing/financials, and management decisions. Cerner created a mobile point-of-care application based on SQL Anywhere to enable home healthcare providers to have access to patient charts, profiles and histories in order to make the most effective decisions, and to allow home healthcare organizations to reduce administrative paperwork and expedite third-party reimbursements.

Business Advantage

  • With Sybase technology, Cerner BeyondNow can better provide solutions to unite clinical services being delivered, along with the total cost, specific outcomes and benefits of those activities.

Key Benefits

  • Customers achieve higher productivity
  • Enables delivery of better patient care
  • Reduces costs
  • Eliminates paper-based processes

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Providing Home Health Providers with Information They Need To Make Informed Patient Care Decisions
"Homecare providers need to have a tightly integrated record between what they're delivering in terms of clinical activities and their billing to third-party payers," explains Cerner BeyondNow Director, Lisa Cone. "Payers are requiring more and more clinical data measurements to support the provision of services in a patient's home. They want to ensure those services are having a positive benefit. Our products unite the clinical services being delivered, the total cost of those activities and the specific outcomes or benefits."

RoadNotes gives caregivers access to the information they need to make informed patient care decisions. Using RoadNotes, field clinicians can admit a patient, access and review the patient's medical chart, share information with their organizations' central server and with other RoadNotes users, document their visits, collect OASIS, ORYX and other measurement data, document supplies used during each visit, review patient medications, re-certify a patient and more. RoadNotes' SQL Anywhere database also contains information on community resources such as vendors, physicians, insurance case managers, hospitals and nursing homes, as well as medication profiles and electronic timesheets.

"RoadNotes is designed to interact with every aspect of homecare, from scheduling to the point of service, to the production of a claim and statement of revenues for the homecare provider - all of the information management from the patient's bed to payment," says Cone. "Additionally, the information available within the application can be utilized by the clinician to make better decisions and support enhanced patient care services."

SQL Anywhere Chosen for Synchronization Capability, Ease-of-Use and Maintenance, Scalability and Affordability
Cerner BeyondNow looked at a number of solutions including Oracle, Microsoft and Informix before selecting SQL Anywhere. SQL Anywhere's bi-directional synchronization capability was a key factor in the decision because of the need for RoadNotes to integrate and exchange critical data with Cerner BeyondNow's back-end system, HomeWorks, which also runs SQL Anywhere. "iAnywhere Solutions' synchronization is tremendous, particularly as far as the speed and performance it offers compared to other vendors' solutions," says Cone. "It also enables more than one clinician to have access to a patient's records at one time, while automatically keeping those records in sync based on rules the user can establish. And it's a very user-friendly, maintainable product, which is important to the customers who don't have DBAs to manage the system. SQL Anywhere pretty much runs itself. We also like the fact that it scales from laptops to handhelds and is affordable enough that we can embed it in our solution."

SQL Anywhere Key to Increased Productivity, Improved Patient Care and Reduced Costs
As Cerner BeyondNow looks to the future, it sees a strong business-to-business opportunity for its RoadNotes and HomeWorks products. "We plan to roll out an ASP option by the end of the year," explains Cone, "that will facilitate the placement of orders for everything from medications to supplies and durable medical equipment. Our systems will push those orders to the appropriate supplier and will manage the transaction to make sure patients get what they need and that suppliers get paid."

"Sybase iAnywhere Solutions has been a key enabling technology for us," Cone adds. "SQL Anywhere's high performance and bi-directional synchronization capabilities combined with its low maintenance requirements and affordability have made it an ideal technology for us. The reliability and out-of-the-box readiness of RoadNotes is directly attributable to the stability of iAnywhere Solutions technology. Using our RoadNotes and HomeWorks products, our customers are achieving higher productivity, providing their clinicians with better information which translates into better patient care and they are realizing reduced costs with the elimination of paper-driven processes."

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