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Abak Software

“Advantage Database Server adds to the 'wow' factor of our solution. Clients are amazed at how it installs so easily and quickly and runs maintenance free.”

Eric Lacourciere
Sales Director, AGI Groupe
Abak Software

Abak Software, part of the AGI Groupe of Sainte-Foy, Quebec, provides time and billing solutions for a variety of professional service providers. The program integrates with major accounting and other back-office and reporting solutions to automate data entry streamline information flow and enable fast and accurate billing cycles.

Business Advantage

Key Benefits

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Hassle-free Migration
Having successfully penetrated the market among small professional service firms with its time and billing solution, Abak Software wanted to grow its business by tapping clients with more employees and more complex billing systems. To that end, the company needed to move from a local database server model to an embedded client/server environment that could manage larger amounts of information and increased user loads without data corruption or loss, system downtime, installation hassles, or other maintenance and support issues. The embedded server also had to integrate easily within a Delphi environment for hassle-free file migration to the upgraded system and client/server database.

Easy Evaluation
Abak Software elected to embed Advantage Database Server into its program to provide its existing and potential customers with a reliable, scalable and flexible client/server environment. The relatively small deployment size, simple installation and Delphi-compliant design of the Advantage Database Server allows Abak to upgrade existing clients remotely, while enabling new customers to easily and securely evaluate its solution before making a purchasing decision.

Enabling Growth
Advantage eliminates data corruption; reducing support calls by 15% on a daily basis. This translates to an annual savings of $45,000 in technical support costs at the company. Abak has also been able to widen its client base by 60 percent to include larger professional service firms without adding support staff to manage database-related calls. In addition, Abak attributes more than a third of its sales to Advantage Database Server since switching to an embedded client/server model.

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