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SQL Anywhere 10 Separately Licensed Components

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SQL Anywhere Security Option

With the exception of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and simple database encryption, which is included with the base package of SQL Anywhere, all encryption requires one of the following separately licensed security options. 

SQL Anywhere ECC Security Option - Order #18766 (Order #17417 for SQL Anywhere Studio 9.0.1 and earlier)

This option allows you to use ECC digital certificates to secure client/server and MobiLink communication using TLS. SQL Anywhere uses Certicom elliptic curve (ECC) encryption. ECC is faster and more resource efficient than RSA strong encryption, utilizing smaller key sizes for equivalent security. As such, ECC is suitable for PDA’s, Smartphones and other devices with low computing power and limited communication resources. However, you can only use ECC digital certificates over TCP/IP. 

SQL Anywhere FIPS Security Option - Order #18768

This option offers the same functionality as the RSA encryption add-on. The main difference with this version is that it meets Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) requirements, which is a common requirement within federal government agencies. Currently, FIPS is only supported on Win32 platforms (excluding WinCE).

To order the SQL Anywhere Security Option, visit e-shop or call Sybase iAnywhere at (800) 801-2069.

SQL Anywhere High Availability Option - Order #19850

For SQL Anywhere databases, the license for using the VCS Cluster Agent and database mirroring must be ordered separately

To order the SQL Anywhere High Availability Option, visit e-shop or call Sybase iAnywhere at (800) 801-2069.

SQL Anywhere Replication Agent for Sybase Replication Server

The SQL Anywhere Replication Agent for Sybase Replication Server is required for any SQL Anywhere database that participates in a Sybase Replication Server installation as a primary site. The license that is required for the SQL Anywhere Replication Agent must be ordered separately.

To order the license for this component, visit e-shop. From the Select Product dropdown menu, choose Replication Agent for SQL Anywhere.

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