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A customer would like to install Manage Anywhere Studio (MAS) onto Windows Server 2003 where Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration is enabled.

Windows Server 2003 is fully supported as a server platform for MAS, however there are a couple configuration settings that you must select and enable in order for the installation to work properly. By default, Windows 2003 server installs the "Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration" component. If this component is installed, local NetBIOS names are not considered to be in the intranet zone. Because of this enhanced Internet security configuration, some portions of the MAS Admin Console may not function correctly. When this component is enabled the user will see such things as being prompted to enter a password every time the Inventory Reporter is accessed. Also, the Chat administration console produces errors.

When Microsoft released Server 2003, additional steps were taken to tighten security - particularly that of web server security. As a result, several components were disabled by default until a server administrator deemed necessary to enable them.


To enable these features complete the following steps:
  1. Open the Internet Properties control panel
  2. Select the Security tab.
  3. Select the Local Intranet zone, and click on the "sites" button.
  4. In the textbox labeled "Add this Web site to the zone:", type in http://<servername>, where <servername> is the name of the server as it appears in the console.
  5. Click on the add button to add the site.

Once the site is added, you may need to close and re-open any browser windows before the changes take effect.

This will need to be done for any server or remote console that has been affected.

Alternatively, you can uninstall the Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration windows component via the add/remove software control panel.

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