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When moving a Manage Anywhere Studio (MAS) Primary Command Server (PCS) to a different PC than the component was originally installed on, there are a number of issues that must be taken into account.

Remember that the Agents that have already deployed are configured to connect to a particular IP Address or machine name.  If you move your PCS you will have to take this into account as the Agents will need to be reconfigured to report to the new address of the PCS.

In general this is the procedure that you should follow to move a PCS to a new machine:

  1. On the existing PCS set the scan frequency to once every minute, or every few seconds to clear out the messages in the system.  Ideally, there should be no messages in C:\Program Files\Sybase\Manage Anywhere\Messages, and the file C:\Program Files\Sybase\Manage Anywhere\ackq.db should be 1KB.  When the system is in this state it means that all incoming messages have been processed and inserted into the database.
  2. On the existing MAS server shut down the database engine and the MAS services (Manage Anywhere Studio Server and Manage Anywhere Studio Agent).
  3. Copy the existing MAS database from the old to the new machine.
  4. Create a service for this database and start it.
  5. Create a System DSN to connect to this database and test the connection.
  6. Install the PCS on the new machine.  When prompted specify the newly created DSN in order to connect to the MAS database.
  7. Move the packages from the old PCS Archive directory to the new PCS Archive directory.  Import the packages into the console.
  8. Run the configuration wizard on the new PCS. 
  9. At this point the new PCS is up and running with no Agents reporting to it. 
    Go back to the old PCS and restart all of the services that were stopped in step 2. 
  10. Create a new package that incorporates the “Agent Configuration” command.  The critical change to make within this command is to alter the server name to reflect the machine name of the new server.
  11. Deploy the change agent configuration package to a test system and observe the behavior.  The Agent should download the package, execute it, and change the server it’s connecting to, to the new PCS.  Once there is an entry for that particular machine/device in the Admin Console of the new PCS, it’s confirmed that the Agent connected successfully.
  12. Send out the change agent configuration package to another group of Agents and observe the behavior.  Repeat until all Agents are migrated to connect to the new PCS.

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