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Sybase IQ Running on EMC Symmetrix DMX

Executive summary
Many joint customers have deployed Sybase IQ on EMC  Symmetrix  systems. The importance of understanding best practice configurations and methodologies for deployment in this environment is a critical success factor. 

A Sybase IQ database is fundamentally different from a transactional database because it focuses on readers, not writers. With a transactional database, it is most important to allow many users to update the database instantly and accurately, without interfering with one another.  By contrast, with a Sybase IQ data warehouse, fast query response for many users is essential.

EMC Symmetrix DMX™ is an enterprise-class, high-performance storage system designed to meet the high-end requirements of applications running Sybase IQ. The flexibility of DMX accommodates all the various disk types, such as Fibre Channel and lower performance, higher capacity (LPHC) disk.  Different RAID configurations such as RAID 5 (3+1, 7+1), RAID 1, and the newly released RAID 6 (6+2, 14+2) may be deployed in order to optimize storage requirements and meet cost needs. For the purposes of this project, LPHC disk was used.

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