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Targeted CR List for ASE 12.5.4 ESD #8

The purpose of this document is to help Sybase customers obtain a general idea of potential bug fixes in future Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) EBF releases. Please be sure to read the Disclaimer and General Notes below.

Disclaimer: This document lists the targeted (not committed) fixed CR list for the release listed above. Please be aware that the purpose of this posting is solely to provide you, our customers with estimated release dates and targeted CR lists. Sybase does not commit to releasing EBFs on the specified dates or to including the CR fixes in the said EBF. While every effort will be made to meet the said targets, changes can occur at any time. It is also possible (although unlikely) that Sybase may decide not to release an EBF that was previously scheduled for release.

Bug IDDescription
368417 Premature heap memory deallocation after each statement may lead to memory corruptions if the dealloctaion is done during trigger or internal sql execution.
381301 On AIX, sp_helpdevice reports a "device_number" one greater than the actual value for device numbers greater than 127
405738 When using JCONNECT, if the query includes the db name, the dbname is not included in the TDSROWFMT2 response.
414616 A 7114 error, "Page 0 is not a valid text page." may be reported in the error log after loading the master database in an ASE which has a smaller value for the configuration parameter "max memory" than in the ASE when the master is dumped.
415534 Adaptive Server hangs on call to a procedure on ASA or IQ using site handler RPC.
420916 The error "Could not find virtual page for logical page 9984 in database 'master'", with a stack trace which includes the modules like 'log_to_virt', 'virtmap ', 'bufgrab ', 'getpage_with_validation', will be reported if the requested size for master database is not multiple of size of allocation unit. The similar error will be reported in case of model database also.
434927 The option 'replication force_ddl' has a mispelling error in the system table spt_values.
442560 SSL ct_connect attempts fail intermittently when ASE is started with a TLI listener with the following error: Client MsgNo: 84083974. Client Msg : ct_connect(): network packet layer: internal net library error: Net-Library operation terminated due to disconnect.
443332 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'uwdisconnect' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'err_pll_primary_processing' and 'pll_exec' may be reported in the error log when a query being executed in parallel on a multiengine server was aborted by CTRL+C or client application was killed.
445625 DBCC stored procedures for reporting and clean up may have slow response time.
446905 RTDS: Under certain circumstances the first time a session calls msgpublish() to a Tibco topic will fail with a 'Not permitted' error. Thereafter, it will succeed.
447012 Insert into index with large number of rows of duplicated index key value could fail due to incorrect split schema.
450045 Job Scheduler work abnormally when startdate is earlier than 83 days from present date.
451453 A low risky stacktrace occurs when sending a message to Tibco JMS messaging bus if the Tibco JMS has been enabled before dataserver is booted and the dataserver is booted without setting environment variable "SYBASE_JRE".
451524 DUMP DATABASE WITH COMPRESSION will generate an invalid dump if the archive is a library created using the backup API. For example, DUMP DATABASE dbname TO "compress::myfile" WITH COMPRESSION=n.
461074 ASE may return a wrong result set when a query is run at transaction isolation level 0 (dirty reads) on an All Pages Locked table and a covered non-clustered index scan is chosen by the optimizer as reported by the set showplan option with message "Index contains all needed columns. Base table will not be read."
461201 Poll for all completed ct-lib I/Os issued from the engine every time the scheduler checks for I/O completion. Also, the engine does not relinquish CPU to the OS if there is any pending ct-lib I/O from that engine.
461850 A new configuration parameter called 'bind to engine' added for Rep Agent. Using this Rep Agent may be forced to run on a particular engine.
463040 When using messaging builtins (eg msgrecv, msgconsume) to return java.lang.String, if the return value is larger than 16k we get MEMMOVE error.
468970 During recompilation of a stored procedure (e.g. subsequent to a schema change), references to column names for derived table expressions may be reported as ambiguous (Msg 209) if they they are the same as column names from other tables in the query.
470100 If there are spaces before the CREATE PROCEDURE keywords in a batch, the procedure source code text in syscomments may be corrupted.
472181 The commands DROP, DUMP, LOAD, MOUNT and UNMOUNT were incorrectly scanning all the databases looking for cross references to local encryption keys, even if no encryption keys existed in the affected database.
472846 Kills issued against spids doing queries with external sorts did not rollback immediately.
472960 Attempt to convert UNICHAR data to TEXT succeeds on the first row but fails on subsequent rows. Example: select convert(text, my_unichar_col) from table.
475233 The stored procedure sp_ddlgen generates the 'with override' clause unnecessarily for the DDL corresponding to the case when a database is created with data on one device and log on different device.
475245 In some cases, DDLGen incorrectly misses out the WITH OVERRIDE clause for the last disk piece of a database when generating the DDL for multiple databases named by a pattern specifier. Also in some cases, when generating the DDL for a single database, the WITH OVERRIDE clause is generated for some ALTER DATABASE statements even when it is not necessary.
475313 DBCC CHECKSTORAGE reports an erroneous error 100028 on a partitioned table.
475525 CIS: A query on a view may return wrong result when the view includes a T-SQL outer join involving remote tables.
475635 When executing a SQL query from the SQL debugger the ASE may get killed with spinlock violation errors. This may happen if during the execution of the statement some serious error arrives. Errorlog file will include stack trace dump with modules dbgrpc_control, sqldbg__execsql and ubffree.
476178 DUMP DB command with compression API fails with uninformative error message when dump device does not have enough space for database dumps.
476369 Client jConnect session running batch inserts with "dynamic prepare= true" is terminated when another user session performs UPDATE STATISTICS command on the insert table.
476441 Backupserver can occasionally give false io errors due to a synchronisation issue.
476676 Query assigning variable and using view with union may provide incorrect assignment of the variable if the variable is also used on the qualification side.
476864 Parallel execution of a query with subquery returning convert over some aggregate may return incorrect result qualifying too many rows. The problem is likely to happen in the multi engine environment.
476902 When an INSERT-SELECT query contains a UNION clause in a derived table definition, and the derived table is the source of the SELECT, 206 and 207 errors may occur.
476950 If a single character of password is allowed and used in a sql statement, the obfuscated password in audited cmdtext will lose opening delimiter.
477067 On HPUX 64 bit machines, the message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'pcexchandlerprint' together with a stack trace which includes module 'traceassert' may be reported in the errorlog when the trace flag 1205 is turned ON.
477152 sp_fixindex run for the Sysusages clustered index may lead to errors 8204, 806 and ASE boot failure.
477161 The SySAM License Server and FLEXlm client components have been updated to use FLEXlm version 10.8.
477311 Cursor fetch operation may cause a segv stack trace during curs_fetch() processing.
478425 ASE expands a '*' element in a SELECT target list and adds comment to syscomments system table before saving the SQL text of the procedure, view or trigger to syscomments. End comment mark (*/) may not be added to syscomments on non-English environment.
478959 After changing ASE server character set to utf-8, it'll cause segmentation fault if MDA "SQL batch capture" is enabled in AIX platform.
479743 If a table has more than one encrypted column with at least one column declaring a decrypt_default value, and if decrypt permission is granted at the column level to at least one of the non-decrypt_default columns and withheld from the column with the decrypt_default value, then any select of the column with the decrypt_default will correctly return the decrypt default value and also return (incorrectly) Msg 10332.
480574 The execution of DBCC DBREPAIR with option LTMIGNORE when run on an offline database will mistakenly result in error 12901 being reported "This command is not allowed on an offline database ' < database_name > '."
481144 Parsing of very large TEXT literals may case timeslice errors in heavily loaded systems.
481552 The deadlock information reported when the configuration option 'print deadlock information' is active has been enhanced such that the database name and the index ID values are reported.
481750 Under rare circumstances an excessive number of 'Ex_intent' table locks for the same table may be reported by SP_LOCK, despite them being compatible. The same may be seen with 'Sh_intent' locks.
482129 Under some circumstances the message "current process infected with 11" maybe reported in the error log when executing a batch of DML statements and a trigger executed a ROLLBACK TRIGGER WITH RAISERROR.
482269 ASE corrupts characters, returns "NoSuchElementException" or stack traces in the module SybXmlString() when using the FOR XML statement on characters belonging to the Latin-1 character set.
482480 Under some conditions ASE performs too many writes to sysprocedures when Trace 299 is ON.
482566 Queries involving Sybase outer joins and access rules can sometimes lead to error 325.
482590 Process trying to establish communication with remote server cannot be killed
482940 Query with view with unions which uses dynamic index strategy may sometime fails with different errors related to the sort operation. Sometimes the stack trace in the errorlog may indicate the module startscan.
483286 MDA process which calls monlocks will cause timeslices when holding a spinlock.
483642 No error messages or trace information is available when the High Availability agent for ASE on Windows/MSCS cluster decides to failover sometimes.
484076 Under some circumstances the execution of a stored procedure which uses execute immediate for creating other stored procedures and had to be recompiled maybe be aborted reporting in the errorlog the message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'set_cast' including a stack trace which includes the modules 's_renormalize' and 's_recompile'.
484098 HA VCS 4.x: Enhanced diagnostics information for the VCS4.x HAase Agent. Also fixed a possible hostname comparison failure when one hostname obtained is short form of the hostname, and another is a fully qualified hostname with tailing domain name.
484236 Can't create 16k ASE Server for Linux x86 on ASE_DEV licenses. This issue is reproduced by ASE SmallBusinessEdition and Developer Edition.
484549 Explicit or implicit convertion of java datatypes may someties lead to the corruption of the query plans.
484805 Numeric modulo function can generate wrong result when aggregate functions are involved in the calculation.
484828 A 605 error "An attempt was made to fetch logical page ' < pageid > ' from cache ' < cache_name > '. Page belongs to database < ptninfo > and not to < ptninfo > may sometimes happen after crash recovery.
484912 102, 156, 11031, 11032, 11034 or other similar error is returned when a compiled object with hidden source text is executed after database is loaded across platform where the byte order(endian type) is different.
484982 When long running chained transactions are left active in the database, even though they have not done any DMLs, they may prevent housekeeper from doing garbage collection in the database.
485117 Long execution times for dbcc commands checktable and checkalloc against an archive database.
485461 In some circumstances the process accounting statistics (I/O and CPU) are not updated when an end-user logs out from ASE.
485623 MDA Tables such as monProcessStatement may list processes that are not listed in the sysprocesses table.
485752 Error 515 is raised when update non-null image/text column with 256 bytes through jConnect Stream/BLOB interface.
485961 sp_help < tablename > fails with message 512, "Subquery returned more than 1 value. This is illegal when the subquery follows =, !=, < , < = , > , > =, or when the subquery is used as an expression." in the following situation: 1) table < tablename > has an encrypted column c1 with decrypt_default; 2) alter table < tablename > modify c1 ... decrypt_default < default value > ; 3) sp_help < tablename > .
486766 A join query with a plan using the Dynamic Index strategy may sometimes fail with error "Msg 1504 Internal Sort Error. Empty Index Page found.". This may happen if the optimizer decides to use the Dynamic Index as an inner table in the join and the parallel sort is applied to the Dynamic Index worktable.
486884 A 216 error "Attempt to automatically drop temporary table failed." may be reported in the error log together with a stack trace which includes the modules "dropo" and "drop_with_retry" following error 3702 "Cannot drop the table ' < n > ' because it is currently in use." when a session tries to drop a temporary table while the system task HK CHORES is flushing statistics for the given table in systabstats.
486994 INSERT-SELECT statements involving outer joins on proxy columns may return wrong results.
487513 A timeslice error "timeslice -501, current process infected" may be reported in the error log together with a stack trace which includes the modules "dmap_merge_diskmaps" and "db__sysaltusages_map", when the DBCC CHECKSTORAGE command is run on an archive database.
487846 Frequent redefinition of the view may result in its tree size growth in sysprocedures.
488217 Under rare circumstances, for a query involving the > = or < predicate on a large table, if the search argument constant value falls exactly on the boundary of a histogram range cell and if this is the last cell of the histogram, then a histogam processing adjustment that converts the predicate to > or < =, might result in an underestimated selectivity for the predicate.
489186 In rare circumstances, a 692 error is reported for syslogs when a database is loaded using a database dump that was taken on a platform where the byte order(endian type) is different.
490167 When "exec_procedure" auditing option is enabled, auditing record from procedure sp_extrapwdchecks will display sensitive password information in plaintext.
492368 Using bcp to copy IN rows to a table that uses the allpage (APL) lock scheme, and whose rows have both encrypted columns and null columns, can produce rows that are wrongly formatted but are not detected when the rows are inserted. Replication Agent may report error 9289 when attempting to replicate a DML operation done on the badly formatted rows.
493701 On tables where all of the following occur: 1) lock scheme is APL (All Page Locking), 2) table has at least one encrypted column, 3) table has at least one variable length column, 4) a row has more than 255 bytes of fixed length data, then BCP IN on those tables will fail to insert rows.

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