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Advantage 9.0 Beta -- Coming Soon
The Advantage R&D team has been working hard on the Advantage 9.0 release. Public download of the beta is expected in early December. Please note this date is tentative. Upcoming features include:

  • Enhanced FoxPro Support: Advantage 9.0 will support the Visual FoxPro 9 file format.
  • 64bit Windows and Linux Servers: The Advantage Database Server was ported to run as a native 64-bit application on the x64 versions of Windows and Linux.
  • SQL Debugger: A visual SQL debugger has been added to the 9.0 Advantage Data Architect, allowing developers to debug SQL scripts, stored procedures, triggers, and user defined functions.
  • Event Notifications: Event notifications are a mechanism that allows an action at the server to proactively notify clients that an event they are interested in has occurred.
  • New Default User Groups: admin, public, debug, backup
  • TDataSet Descendant Version Switching Utility
  • Optimized Replication Functionality
  • Replication Enhancements

Advantage Technical Summit: October 24-25, Boise, Idaho
Act Now! Registration Deadline is October 15th!
The Advantage Technical Summit held each year in Boise, Idaho, is your opportunity to become an officially certified Advantage Database developer. The Summit is provided at no cost to Advantage Partners. Benefits include:
  • Learn about the newest features and benefits of Advantage 9.0.
  • Be the first to preview the new SQL debugger.
  • Get in-depth technical support information to better train your staff and reduce your technical support costs.
  • Attend focused classes for your specific development environment including Delphi, .NET, Visual Basic, and others.
  • This is your chance to talk personally with others who are using Advantage as well as individuals from our sales, support and R&D departments.

For the agenda and a full description of each session, click here.

Event Details

Southwest Fox 2007: October 18-21, Mesa, Arizona
The best Visual FoxPro conference in North America is back! Arizona is the place to be in October 2007 as the top VFP gurus on the planet show you how to make the most of VFP. Attendees will hear about the latest in VFP development techniques, new changes in VFP 9.0 SP2, Sedna components, and interop with other technologies. Sessions are presented by the best and brightest VFP speakers.
Event Details


Advantage Webcast Archives
If you have questions about any of the Advantage products then you've come to the right place! Click on the link below to access our informative recorded webcasts. These slides come complete with audio files (Real Audio) allowing you to listen and learn at your own pace.

Click the link below to access webcast archives:

KnowledgeBase Items

Is the Current Advantage Version Backward Compatible with Previous Versions of Advantage
Reference Number: 070706-1898

Can Advantage Enabled Applications be used in a VPN Environment
Reference Number: 070813-1931

Error 7041 is Logged to the Advantage Error Log when a Table or Index is Autocreated
Reference Number: 070919-1940

Where Should Supporting DLL Files for AEPs or DLL Triggers be Installed?
Reference Number: 070919-1941

AutoInc Fields are Converted to Integer when using the SQL Statement "SELECT * INTO NewTable FROM AnyTable"
Reference Number: 070919-1942

Error 2196 is Returned when Executing an SQL Statement
Reference Number: 070919-1943

Advantage JDBC driver Returns Error when ResultSet.next () is Called and There Are No More Records To Process
Reference Number: 070919-1944

Error 6602 is Returned when Running Advantage Enabled Applications
Reference Number: 070919-1945

Error 5132 Returned Maintaining 8.1 Triggers Using Pre-8.1 ADS Clients
Reference Number: 070921-1947

Error Code Change from 9084 to Error 7139
Reference Number: 061212-1834

Problem Reporting Correct Row Count for TAdsQuery Result Set
Reference Number: 070807-1927


October 2007


Tech Tip

Using Advantage with Visual Studio 2005
With the release of Advantage 8.1 new support for the Visual Studio 2005 (VS2005) IDE was added. The Advantage .NET Data Provider now has support for Table Adapters and the Server Explorer. Support for these objects makes Advantage and VS2005 work together better.

Full Tech Tip



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