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XTNDConnect PC Phone Devices FAQ

  1. Calendar appointment times on your Sony calendar are incorrect.
    • This problem has been fixed in an updated release of 6.1 please contact Technical Support to work through the support process and receive the upgrade.
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  3. Sony Ericsson phone not detected/found or sync window appears to lock-up.
    • If you are using the free XTNDConnect PC software that came with your phone, you must contact Sony Ericsson Technical Support for help (866-766-9374), http://www.sonyericsson.com/support.

      If you purchased the full retail version of XTNDConnect PC, make sure that SonyEricsson's Phone Monitor utility is installed and running and that your phone can connect to your PC outside of XTNDConnect PC.

      Also make sure your transport method (i.e., USB cable, IR, Bluetooth, etc.) is functioning properly.

      If these items appear to be functioning properly, try uninstalling XTNDConnect PC and Phone Monitor, then reinstall Phone Monitor, then reinstall XTNDConnect PC.
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