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XTNDConnect PC Windows Mobile Devices FAQ

Windows Mobile 6.0 and 5.0 devices require ActiveSync 4.5 (available from Microsoft's website). For Windows Vista you must install the Windows Mobile Device Center (available from Microsoft's website). Also, XCPC cannot be installed to removable media (such as MiniSD) - it must always be installed to the device's internal memory.

  1. When I synchronize the first time, XTND tries to install a CAB file onto my device. I select to install on the device (not on a removable memory card), and after the CAB is installed I get the error:

    (on PC) “Unable to connect to device. Verify ActiveSync is running.”

    (on Device) “Error: Unable to launch \Windows\101\XCPCSyncSvr.exe : Error 2”

    (on Device) “Installation was unsuccessful. The program or setting cannot be installed because it does not have sufficient system permissions.”
    • This issue is being reported with certain models of HTC-built Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0 Smartphones. It is caused by a certain type of security these devices have, which prevents the XTNDConnect PC CAB file from being installed properly on the device. We have a workaround utility with step-by-step instructions.

      Please contact Technical Support to receive the workaround utility.
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  3. When trying to synchronize, I get the message: "Unable to connect to device. Verify that ActiveSync is running."
    • If you have a Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0 Smartphone, try the above security workaround first before continuing.

      For both Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone devices, ActiveSync is installed on both the device and the PC and it is the key to communication. There are a number of reasons ActiveSync can cause XCPC to fail. These are the most common ways. Please verify and test each scenario before contacting Technical Support for help with the last option.

      1. Make sure you have at least ActiveSync 4.5 installed. For Windows Vista users you must have the Windows Mobile Device Center downloaded and installed.
      2. The XCPC CAB file was installed to removable storage, rather than default internal storage (this can also manifest itself as a repeating prompt to reinstall XCPC's CAB file onto the device). Use the Remove Programs tool on your device to remove XTNDConnect PC, then re-run a sync and select "default" location to put the file in default internal device memory.
      3. A Firewall or Intrusion Detection utility is blocking critical ActiveSync communication components, such as RAPI (this can also manifest itself as a repeating prompt to reinstall XCPC's CAB file onto the device). Temporarily disable all security/firewall tools on the PC, including Windows Firewall (in XP), Norton, McAfee, ZoneAlarm, etc. While disabled, run a test sync. If XCPC can sync, you know you have to configure your security/firewall tools to allow proper communication.
      4. Too many Applications are running on the Windows Mobile device - this prevents the XCPC application from starting on the device. Windows Mobile devices have a limit of around 10 or 12 active Applications. Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0 devices have built-in tools to allow you to see running programs or active tasks; older devices do not have this. If you suspect this might be the issue, close all running applications. You can also remove some or all of your other 3rd party applications from the device, except XCPC. Then power off and on the device to restart the XCPC application, then try a sync with the PC.
      5. ActiveSync misidentifies your device, which causes XCPC to install the wrong CAB file onto the device. For instance, you may have a Windows Mobile 5.0 device that ActiveSync identifies to XCPC as Windows Mobile 2003. This will cause a failure of communication between the PC and device when trying to sync. This can also manifest itself as a repeating prompt to reinstall XCPC's CAB file onto the device. This is a very rare circumstance, but we do have methods of detecting this issue and resolving it. Contact Technical Support if you have worked through the steps above first and still receive the communication error.
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  5. Should ActiveSync \ Windows Mobile Device Center be disabled for data being synchronized?
    • Yes, Microsoft ActiveSync must be disabled for any data you synchronize using XTNDConnect PC.

      For example, if you intend to synchronize Calendar, Tasks, Contacts and E-mail using XTNDConnect PC, you must go into ActiveSync Options and deselect these specific data types. Please note that E-mail is referred to as Inbox by ActiveSync. In the Windows Mobile Device Center you must click on Content Sync Settings \ Change Conent Sync Settings and uncheck any data that you will be syncing with XTNDConnect PC.

      You can leave ActiveSync \ Windows Mobile Device Center set to synchronize any other applications without any problems.
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  7. You get a missing RAPI.DLL message. What should you do?
    • XTNDConnect PC uses Microsoft ActiveSync to synchronize your data. Therefore, before you can synchronize using XTNDConnect PC, you must install ActiveSync and verify your mobile device connects properly.
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  9. How does your mobile device handle recurring appointments?
    • For monthly and yearly recurring patterns if the first instance lies after the recurring pattern's start date it is transferred correctly. Otherwise, it is not transferred correctly to the mobile device.
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