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"The main reasons we opted for OmniMove MobileForms was the simplicity and far-reaching flexibility of the solution, which enables us to configure forms in-house that can be used on mobile devices, as well as the fact that the solution can be used as a fully hosted web application."

Ari-Jan Van de Bunt
Branch Manager
Public Transport for Securitas

With 190,000 employees and USD $9.4 billion revenue in 2006, Securitas is the global market leader in facilities surveillance and security services. The company provides professional solutions to protect the home, the workplace and the community. Three red circles in Securitas' logo symbolize its basic values: integrity, vigilance and helpfulness. To improve the visibility of security processes, Ari-Jan van de Bunt, Securitas Branch Manager—Public Transport, has digitized the processing of all of the company's reports with the aid of a forms application from Sybase iAnywhere's partner OmniMove. This has also enabled Securitas to improve the speed and quality of customer reporting while significantly reducing the administrative workload for employees.

Business Advantage

Key Benefits

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Service Quality Improvement
The standard process at Securitas includes security personnel registering every notable fact observed during surveillance in a daily report. These reports are entered in the central system to process periodic customer reports. It is a labor-intensive process, subject to errors due to the employees' handwriting, which may be difficult to read. Urgent situations are reported directly, resulting in immediate action, but non-urgent observations frequently take a few weeks before the customer or Securitas management is notified.

To improve transparency in the company's reporting process and reduce the administrative workload involved in the existing paper-based system, Ari-Jan Van de Bunt went looking for a forms application that could be used on mobile devices. "We can improve customer service, especially the quality and measurability of our service, by registering all observations electronically and communicating them in real-time to our central office. Until recently, it took a long time for the paper forms to be submitted to the office and processed for further reporting," said Van de Bunt. "GVB Amsterdam, the municipality's public transport company, expressed an interest in our plan so we initiated a pilot project to develop a solution to automate the inspection process for damage to stations using electronic forms. We felt it was important to select and implement a centralized solution that offers a high level of flexibility so that we can respond to similar requests from other customers. In other words, the forms application had to offer flexible configuration. Another requirement was that the solution was not allowed to have an adverse impact on our centralized IT environment."

Securitas Selects OmniMove MobileForms Based on M-Business Anywhere
After an extensive vendor review, Securitas selected OmniMove's MobileForms. This self-service forms application is based on the scalable M-Business Anywhere mobility platform from Sybase iAnywhere. "The main reason we opted for OmniMove MobileForms was the simplicity and far-reaching flexibility of the solution, which enables us to configure forms in-house that can be used on mobile devices, as well as the fact that the solution can be used as a fully hosted web application," explains Van de Bunt. "In addition to the fact that OmniMove MobileForms does not have an impact on our IT environment, we are saving on a lot of development and management costs compared to a tailor-made application. OmniMove MobileForms also has powerful XML export functions to generate a broad range of customer-specific reports. We were also able to add an integrated navigation link and mileage registration to the forms application. By clicking on the customer form, our security staff is now guided to the right location using TomTom, and can register their mileage at the same time, eliminating another paper form. If necessary, the HP iPAQ 6915 PDA device that we selected can also be used to take a quick photograph. M-Business Anywhere was very easy to use, requiring no learning curve for our end-users, and updating new forms and information was very simple for our central office."

Benefits Realized
The main advantage of the new mobile solution used by Securitas is the fact that the administrative workload has been reduced significantly. The daily security reports are also more up-to-date and accurate. Since every report was standardized to the maximum and simplified with pre-defined choices (instead of the employee's own descriptions), the reports have become more uniform. And the fact that Securitas personnel can take pictures on-site reduces the possibility of incidents being interpreted in several ways.

"The new system has already saved us a lot of paperwork and time, even during the pilot we did for GVB with six surveillance officers who generate some 180 reports every month," says Van de Bunt. "In response, GVB has already expressed its interest in our solution for another application. Because all the less urgent reports on defects or graffiti are reported more quickly, we have also realized our objective to improve the visibility and measurability of our security personnel.

Another significant benefit has been in the development and deployment of the forms themselves. With a browser-based UI, forms building doesn't require any significant programming skills and when we want to make changes to the forms themselves, the changes are pushed out to the mobile devices automatically. And if we want to create new reports, we can quickly create them and get them into the hands of our field personnel. This is a great advantage over solutions requiring the development and management of on-device applications.

Moreover, the mobile solution is already improving our professionalism and service quality – our contract with the national railway company was recently renewed for another five years. The pilot experiences turned out so well that the system is currently being rolled out nationally for the Public Transport segment, and other Securitas branches are also showing a definite interest," concludes Van de Bunt.

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