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Software products are available from this site as electronic download only. If you require a CD version, contact us at 800-801-2069 or 519-883-6898.

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XTNDConnect PC 7.1
XTNDConnect PC 7.1 mobile device-to-desktop synchronization software for Windows-powered devices such as Windows Mobile 6.1/6.0/5.0, Pocket PC, Pocket PC Phone edition and Microsoft Smartphone devices. Most Palm, Sony Ericsson, Nokia and NEC phone models are also supported. To view all supported devices click here. (electronic download only) $59.95

XTNDConnect PC 7.1 Upgrade
XTNDConnect PC 7.1 Update for users with earlier versions of XTNDConnect PC. To view what’s new in version 7.1 click here. (electronic download only) $39.95

XTNDConnect PC 7.1 Home + Office Combo
XTNDConnect PC Home & Office Combo is 2 licenses at a discounted price in that it is cheaper than purchasing 2 separate licenses. You will need to purchase the Home+Office Combo if you are planning on synchronizing with 2 computers. $89.00

XTNDConnect PC Data Transfer
Data migration made easy. With XTNDConnect PC Data Transfer, you can move your contact, calendar, task, email and note information either from your PC to your mobile device or vice versa.
Now supports Google calendar and Windows Vista contacts, calendar and tasks in addition to all other XTNDConnect PC-supported devices and PC Applications.

XTNDConnect PC Phone Support
Annual Contract Incident Phone Support for XTNDConnect PC $95.00

XTNDConnect PC Phone Support
Individual Incident Phone Support for XTNDConnect PC $19.99

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