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SQL Anywhere v10 / v9.0.2 Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Q. What is SQL Anywhere? SQL Anywhere is a comprehensive package that provides data management and data movement technologies, enabling the rapid development and deployment of database-powered applications. SQL Anywhere is ideally suited for applications requiring enterprise caliber data management without the support or resources of a data center. With more than 9 million deployed seats, SQL Anywhere powers embedded database applications in desktop, server, mobile and remote office environments.

Q. What is included in SQL Anywhere?

More details on all of the technologies can be found at http://www.sybase.com/detail?id=1042290

Q. What is the SQL Anywhere Developer Edition? The SQL Anywhere Developer Edition is a free, full-featured copy of the product designed for development purposes. It helps developers as it does not time out and includes all of the features of the product. It is designed to help developers try the software, learn new skills and develop prototypes.

Q. Where can I download a free copy of the SQL Anywhere Developer Edition? Please visit http://www.sybase.com/detail?id=1016644 to download SQL Anywhere 9.0.2 or SQL Anywhere 10 Developer Editions.

Q. I have downloaded the SQL Anywhere Developer Edition but have misplaced the password. The default userid is DBA and the default password is SQL.

Q. What languages and platforms does SQL Anywhere 10 support? SQL Anywhere 10 - Supported Platforms and Languages:

Q. What languages and platforms does SQL Anywhere 9.0.2 support? SQL Anywhere 9.0.2 - Supported Platforms and Languages:

Discovering How SQL Anywhere is Used

Q. Where is SQL Anywhere being used? There are more than 9 million deployed seats of SQL Anywhere, at 12,000 customer sites worldwide. Customers include Brink's, Britannia Airways, Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Federal Express, Jose Cuervo, KoreaLife, Pepsi and Prudential. There are also more than 1,000 application partners who embed SQL Anywhere at the heart of their applications for resale, including Cisco, Intuit, Siebel and Veritas. Visit http://www.sybase.com/detail_list?id=93332 to learn more.

Q. What makes SQL Anywhere ideal for embedded use? SQL Anywhere's Adaptive Server Anywhere database handles hundreds of concurrent users and many gigabytes of data, as proven by internal benchmarks and existing customers. Yet it delivers enterprise caliber features without the bulky characteristics of an enterprise database, making it ideal to be embedded in server and desktop applications. SQL Anywhere's traditional strengths in ease-of-use and reliability are the reason companies like Intuit, Veritas and Pearson choose to use it in widely deployed, zero administration environments.

Q. How is SQL Anywhere used in a desktop environment? SQL Anywhere delivers enterprise caliber features, but without the bulky characteristics of an enterprise database. Its robust reliability and performance, along with highly efficient usage of memory and system resources, ensures that the database can often be hidden from laptop and desktop users. Organizations like Siebel Systems, the United States Postal Service and the FBI have chosen to embed SQL Anywhere’s Adaptive Server Anywhere database in their applications because it is built for use in widely deployed, zero administration environments, and requires as little as 8 megabytes of memory and 10 megabytes of disk space.

Q. How is SQL Anywhere used in a server environment? Recognized as the industry's leading mobile database, SQL Anywhere gives mobile workers the unique ability to have "always available" access to their data and corporate applications. Regardless of connection or application type, SQL Anywhere ensures that mobile workers stay productive with the information they need, when they need it. Workers can access information and queue up transactions offline, reducing communications costs while increasing application and battery performance. Synchronization technologies enable the exchange of new information in a timely manner, and minimize the amount of data that needs to be sent over the network. Companies like Britannia Airways, Jose Cuervo, Pepsi Bottling Group, Siebel Systems and Millstone Coffee depend on SQL Anywhere for reliable management of data and mobile applications running on a laptop, desktop, handheld devices and smartphones.

Q. How is SQL Anywhere used in a mobile and wireless environment? Whether it’s 5, 50, 500 users or more, SQL Anywhere's Adaptive Server Anywhere is a powerful database solution for server applications, providing high performance out-of-the-box, with low maintenance and cost. Companies like FedEx, Veritas and Pearson Education have chosen Adaptive Server Anywhere because it easily scales to support hundreds of active users and hundreds of gigabytes of data. Yet, Adaptive Server Anywhere’s ease of use and administration features ensure that costs stay down as performance scales up.

Q. How is SQL Anywhere used in remote office environments? Whether it's an individual employee or several in a branch office, SQL Anywhere's "always available" architecture addresses the challenges of managing and communicating data within and between offices and workers that are geographically distributed. Companies like Chick-fil-A and Security Finance have chosen SQL Anywhere's database and synchronization technologies in order to provide remote workers with the data they need to effectively run their operations while providing the central office with the critical information that gives the pulse of the business.


Q. How much does SQL Anywhere cost? Please visit eShop at http://eshop.sybase.com/eshop to see the view SQL Anywhere prices and to purchase the product online. You may also wish to call 1-800-801-2069 to speak to a sales representative who can assist you in determining what you need as well as describe the partner programs and their associated purchase discounts.

Q. How do I buy SQL Anywhere? SQL Anywhere is available through iAnywhere Solutions as well as major worldwide commercial application partners, systems integrators (SI) and volume channel distributors. Visit http://eshop.sybase.com/eshop/buy?id=19160.

Q. How do I learn about special pricing for embedded partners? Please visit http://www.sybase.com/partner to learn about our iAnywhere Alliance Program. We offer programs tailored to the needs of VARs, OEMs, Systems Integrators and technology companies. Our program offers benefits including competitive pricing, a partner-only website and tailored sales resources.

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