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Targeted CR List for ASE 12.5.4 ESD #7

The purpose of this document is to help Sybase customers obtain a general idea of potential bug fixes in future Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) EBF releases. Please be sure to read the Disclaimer and General Notes below.

Disclaimer: This document lists the targeted (not committed) fixed CR list for the release listed above. Please be aware that the purpose of this posting is solely to provide you, our customers with estimated release dates and targeted CR lists. Sybase does not commit to releasing EBFs on the specified dates or to including the CR fixes in the said EBF. While every effort will be made to meet the said targets, changes can occur at any time. It is also possible (although unlikely) that Sybase may decide not to release an EBF that was previously scheduled for release.

Bug IDDescription
129030 When auditing cmdtext, use of sp_addlogin and sp_password result in cleartext passwords in the sybsecurity sysaudits extrainfo column. Any sso_role can see these, therefore the information is not secure.
342760 Server Configuration Error: Cannot write out file '(servername).cfg' due to system error 'Resource temporarily unavailable'. With this fix, the operation will be retried up to 5 times with a warning message. Ultimately, if all retries fail, the operation will be abandoned, thus the current failure message may still be seen.
425855 Database dumps taken on HP Tru64 platform using Backup Server of version 12.5.3 ESD#3 or earlier can not be loaded to other platforms with later versions. The fix is enabled with Backup Server traceflag D128.
428893 Provide object id and page number in addition to text pointer value for messages 7123, 7125, 7126, 7127, 7128, and 7134.
440142 Backupserver hangs when accept() returns an unexpected return value such as ENETRESET or ENOBUFS.
443258 The error 11206, 'Unable to connect to server' will be raised if a user tries to access an MDA table from within a login script in some 64 bits platforms.
448161 Auditing cmdtext shows cleartext password of sp_password in sysaudits table.
455839 Concurrency problems are found when using MIT Kerberos client libraries version 1.3.x and 1.4.x or earlier, causing ASE crash or blocking all Kerberos logins when there are concurrent Kerberos authentication attempts. ASE now supports concurrent Kerberos authentication requests by default. Trace flag 7844 is no longer needed and can be used if concurrent Kerberos authentications is not required.
460907 Under circumstances, when ASE is using Java(enable java = 1) with multiple engines online, server may crash with signal 11 in kbfalloc routine.
462372 With multiple checkpoint worker threads, a 216 error: " Attempt to automatically drop temporary table failed" may sometimes occur, preceded by a 3702 error: "Cannot drop the < tablename > because it is currently in use."
463374 A 10852 message, "ASE is unable to get all the memory requested ...", may be reported when making a large increase to the size of a cache using sp_cacheconfig, despite sufficient memory being available.
465023 Various "out of locks" conditions can prevent the 'sa' user from logging in ASE. As the 'sa' user cannot login, steps cannot be taken to terminate users who are consuming too many locks, or attempt to increase the "number of locks" configuration parameter.
465553 Message for 15.0.2 ESD #1 and 12.5.4 ESD #7. If a stored procedure or a cached statement references an encrypted column then if 1) the referenced table and the encryption key are dropped and recreated and 2) the stored procedure or cached statement is re-executed the following error may be raised: "Msg 15424, State 4 "Adaptive Server cannot access the encryption key with object id ' < obj_id > ' in database ' < database_name > '.
467485 On linux, ASE encounters errors if traceflag 1649 is enabled at runtime and not at server startup. Also ASE hits a stacktrace if traceflag 1649 is used on platforms where 1649 is not supported.
468188 SELECT INTO query with UNION may not execute correctly if the query plan generated for the parallel execution will be adjusted to the serial execution.
468697 A stacktrace may occur when running a JAVA UDF with internal JDBC calls invoking a stored procedure that requires a recompilation.
468715 If current LDAP URL state is ACTIVE, it becomes READY after sp_ldapadmin 'activate'.
468870 When printed in the error log, the message "Error 1204, Severity 17,State 1 occurred for User ' < user > '. Client IP address is ' < address > '" uses an inconsistent format making it difficult to search for within the error log.
469098 The need for -U and -P arguments is removed from Monitor Server.
469811 New feature to avoid the error 14574, "The manifest file could not be created because the allocation pages of database '%s' with dbid '%d' have a dbid of '%d'. Please run DBCC CHECKALLOC with the fix option to correct this problem." when it is possible to reconcile the dbid in the manifest file with the dbid stored in the allocation pages. This error was raised if there was a dbid mismatch when executing the commands UNMOUNT DATABASE, QUIESCE DATABASE FOR EXTERNAL DUMP and CREATE MANIFEST FILE.
471138 Performance improvement for query containing outer join with correlated subquery appearing in the ON clause and that the correlated variable is an inner member to another outer join (that may be nested).
471303 Backup Server occasionally gets a Segmentation Violation in memcpy() and dumps a corefile on Solaris AMD64.
471491 Error msg 15417 with error code 57629 may arise if selecting a column multiple times from a view, with the column being derived from a subquery on encrypted columns.
471674 A 835 error (Illegal attempt to change contents of buffer) may be reported on Linux 32-bit systems, if the extended cache is enabled. This CR fixes the problem.
473084 When creating a dynamic listener with sp_listener, if the prototype is ssltcp or ssltli, A failure will occur with an error message similar to "kernel ssltcptcp is not a valid protocol type on this platform." reported in the errorlog.
473323 ASE hits stack trace while receing text msg, its size > max length defined by return_clause, and returned type is binary. Now It is fixed.
474129 4221 error is returned with dump tran command on a database that was loaded across platform, after the server is restarted.
474145 Login gets locked after 1 failed login attempt when 'max failed_logins' is set to 0, using sp_modifylogin.
475002 ASE may mistakenly terminate a session that was chosen as a deadlock victim in module "get_privilege" with a stack trace in the error log. The modules "s_handle" and "terminate_process" will also be reported.
475310 The Monitor Server may crash when used in an SSL environment.
476631 When executing a stored procedure with trace flag -T299 (to open temporary tables by name and avoiding recompilation of procedures using externally created temporary tables) the ASE may decide to renormalize the procedure too often. This happens if a procedure includes a statement performing covered index scan on a temporary table created outside of the procedure.
476761 Under very rare circumstances, a 814 error "Keep count of buffer ' < Buffer Address > ' in cache ' < Cache Name > ' holding logical page ' < Page Id > ' in database ' < DbName > ' has become negative." may be reported in the ASE errorlog together with a stack trace showing module 'buf_elchousekeeping', 'buf__elcsearch' or 'buf_elcunkeep'. The minimum condition is that at least one index is bound to a cache.
477268 An UPDATE statement inside a stored procedure on a table created in the same procedure having an IDENTITY column could wrongly increment the IDENTITY column even though it is not affected by the UPDATE.
480690 ASE version 12.5.4 ESD #5 on Solaris may show higher cpu utilization due to a high number of brk system calls.

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