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Scancode Systems, Inc.

"We didn't find any other product that could give us the performance we got from Advantage."

Don Kitchen
Vice President of Research and Development
Scancode Systems Inc.

Scancode Systems Inc., is a leading developer and integrator of advanced logistics software and the primary source for carrier-compliant shipping solutions and warehouse functionality. With a comprehensive suite of ‘feature rich' distribution modules, the Scancode solution provides enterprise-wide connectivity between host systems, carriers and trading partners to maximize productivity, retain profits and provide greater supply chain visibility in a single or multi-site environment.

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Encore Sales is an Ontario-based importer-distributor of low cost merchandise, servicing some 3,500 retail stores in Canada and the Northeastern United States. To do this, the company operates more than 540,000 square feet of warehouse space in three warehouses. It receives, stores and ships more than 7,000 different items of merchandise in about 50 product categories, executing thousands of small- to medium-size orders per week with a warehouse complement of only 143 people.

The company was having increasing difficulty tracking inventory between its warehouses. As a result, orders were not being processed quickly and efficiently because forward order pickers often had to wait for replenishment of stock in the bins. Sometimes they didn't know the quantities required for picking or where the merchandise was located.

As the company saw its error rate growing and turnaround times increasing, it realized it had to do something to remedy the situation.

It found its solution in the Scancode Warehouse Management System (WMS) powered by the Advantage Database Server from Sybase iAnywhere.

Encore is one of hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies that share similar shipping, warehouse and supply chain management challenges and that have turned to Scancode Systems, Inc. to ensure compliant business practices and optimize their supply chain visibility and efficiency. Other Scancode customers include Johnson & Johnson, Robert Bosch Canada, RICOH and Timex.

"Scancode is a leading developer and integrator of scalable carrier-compliant enterprise shipping software and warehouse functionality," says Jesse Fernandes, Director of Marketing for Scancode. "Our comprehensive suite of robust and feature rich logistics solutions provide our customers a centralized supply chain execution platform with the ability to progressively introduce workflow modules that promote an efficient distribution plan. Scancode's flagship product ATMSTM (advanced transportation management software), is a fully featured enterprise logistics application that provides efficient planning and execution of shipping and warehouse activities at multiple touch-points in the distribution process, and our warehouse management software (Scancode WMS), is designed to manage physical inventory and dynamic warehouse functions including multiple processes, clients and warehouse locations."

Fully Integrated Solutions for Complete Shipment Planning and Execution
The Scancode ATMS is the single most trusted source for carrier compliant shipping standards with all the major domestic and international carriers in North America. It supports rules-driven automated routing of Truck Load (TL), Less-than-truckload (LTL), Small Package Carrier, Multi-Modal, Fleet and Messenger services.

At the core, ATMS features an industry leading compliance engine designed for mission critical support of all carrier rating, routing, labeling and EDI requirements. By eliminating the need for islands of carrier-specific technology, shipping staff can satisfy both carrier and trading partner shipping requirements using one centralized application. ATMS users benefit with increased shipping throughput, reduced data entry and product over-handling, optimized carrier selection, centralized audit and billing for all carriers and enhanced customer service.

The Scancode WMS is a comprehensive warehouse management system that is designed to manage multiple processes, clients and warehouse locations. It can handle the most demanding product attributes and customer requirements with functionality that includes receipt processing and cross docking, warehouse mapping, zone picking and merging, lot number control, serial number tracking and control, Web access to customer stock levels, purchase order reconciliation, ad hoc report generation and full order visibility for optimal customer service.

Scancode WMS and ATMS are fully integrated to provide complete visibility and control of order planning, shipment execution and tracking. Because integration with enterprise systems is critical to your overall supply chain, Scancode offers an enterprise application integration tool called SmartScripter that simplifies the integration between applications and outlying services. SmartScripter facilitates the integration of WMS and ATMS with a host of major databases and ERP systems.

Advantage Database Server Chosen for Performance, Reliability and Low Maintenance
Scancode's logistics solutions date back to 1986. With the broad adoption of Windows in the early-to-mid 1990s, however, the company had to find a Windows-compatible data engine to power its shipping and warehouse management solutions. Beyond being Windows-compatible, the data engine had to be robust, fast, scalable and low maintenance.

"The biggest requirement for us," explains Don Kitchen, Scancode's Vice President of Research and Development, "was performance, particularly in the rating process. When we execute shipping rate comparisons or rate shopping we need to hit tables thousands of times a second and return accurate rate responses - this has to be a sub-second event. System performance is therefore very critical to our customers. We also needed a very low maintenance data engine – something that didn't require a dedicated DBA to manage it and keep it running. We evaluated a number of database products including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and others and none of them met our criteria for performance, low maintenance, ease-of-use and easy implementation. Only Advantage Database Server met our needs and provided the type of performance that sets our system above the competition. Advantage was also very reliable, and the support offered by Sybase iAnywhere was exceptional."

"The best thing of all," adds Fernandes, "is that Advantage Database Server has built in security features and is virtually maintenance free ... our customers never have to think about it. This means that customers can worry less about system downtime and data corruption or loss and spend more time harnessing the power of the software while they simplify their business processes."

Improved Efficiency, Supply Chain Visibility and System Reliability
Scancode customers are enthusiastic about the company's shipping and warehouse solutions for a number of reasons. They consistently report increased efficiency in their operations. Inventory processes that previously required fulfillment shutdown for a number of days are now updated continuously with no shutdown required.

On-going maintenance of carrier standards and vendor compliance is greatly improved, resulting in faster order turnaround with fewer returns. Real time reports and key performance indicators (KPI's) can be generated quickly to provide greater overall supply chain visibility.

"Customer satisfaction is the ultimate measure of any solution's effectiveness, and Advantage has been a major contributor to our customers' satisfaction," says Fernandes. "As our business and industry embrace Web services, APIs and service oriented architecture, I see Advantage Database Server playing a key role in our immediate and future technology development."

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