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Year after year, the database market continues to grow as more corporations implement relational database management systems (RDBMS). They do so to gain competitive advantage by consolidating their information in order to streamline operations. The Oracle database is the leading RDBMS in many industries. As companies prepare to extend data to remote workforces, many of them need a way to efficiently mobilize the information stored inside their Oracle servers. Using SQL Anywhere technology, corporations can quickly implement robust and secure mobile database solutions that deliver enterprise data to field workers equipped with laptops, tablet PCs, handhelds, or smartphones.

With SQL Anywhere, companies can develop powerful mobile applications that take advantage of enterprise-caliber features, as well as provide reliability and flexibility through advanced synchronization functionality. It can enhance and improve the end-user or customer experience by offering unmatched resource efficiency and out-of-the-box performance. Additionally, SQL Anywhere provides end-to-end security, so you can be reassured that your data will not be compromised. SQL Anywhere can truly mobilize the mission-critical information stored inside your Oracle server and allow your company to successfully conduct transactions at the frontline of your business.

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