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The Listener (dblsn) is supported on all supported Windows platforms and Palm OS.

If you are targeting Palm remotes, you must use the Palm Listener Configuration utility on a Windows desktop device to create a configuration file.

SYNC gateway and UDP gateway have been tested on the following platforms:

SMTP gateway transmits messages through an email-to-SMS conversion that is provided by wireless carriers. This has been tested on the following platforms:

The supported AirCards are supported for the following firmware and drivers (710 is compatible with 750).

Aircard Firmware Version Driver Version
510 R1-3-4 Not applicable
555 R1_1_2_10AC_GEN R1_0_0_9ac_1xRTT
750 R1_1_2_10AC_GEN R1_0_7_ac_gprs
750 R3_1_17ACAP R1_0_7_ac_gprs

You can use the Windows or Palm Listener SDK to create Listeners for unsupported platforms or devices. See "MobiLink Listener SDK for Palm" in the documentation.

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