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ServiceNow Monitoring and Alerting

IT organizations are continually challenged to maintain their focus.  New business obligations, staffing disruptions, expense pressures and technology change all factor into their ability and their approach to supporting and adding value to their respective businesses.

Of particular concern in the last five years, expense pressures in the form of cost cutting and cost management have forced most IT organizations to run a lean organization challenging their ability to maintain services.  Particular challenges with respect to IT operations and the ability to maintain service levels include the following:

To address these concerns many organization have turned to their technology vendors and requested assistance in maintaining service levels for their software and solutions.  Technology vendors have responded to these requests and now deliver many forms of managed IT services including, but not limited to out-tasking, outsourcing, hosting, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings.  These offerings are core to the technology vendor’s business and represent areas that they, as vendors, can best support with their specialized expertise and knowledge.

By leveraging assistance from their technology vendors, IT organizations can focus their limited in-house resources on areas where they can add the greatest value.

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