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The Poonawalla Group

"We are getting good support from Sybase, and the total cost of maintenance is quite low."

Prashant Deshpande
General Manager, I.T.
Poonawalla Group

As recognized experts in the manufacturing industry, The Poonawalla Group of Engineering Companies needed to automate valve control to ensure safe and effective performance. Using Sybase technology, The Poonawalla Group created an integrated solution that provides increasing benefits and opportunity for growth.

Business Advantage

Key Benefits

Sybase Technology


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Fulfilling Customer Needs
The Poonawalla Group of Engineering Companies, a USD $2.8 million business, manufactures actuators and valve automation systems for flow control in automobiles and for general process manufacturing.  These devices play a critical role in process industries.   

The Poonawalla Group has a widespread network of 28 dealers and 15 branch offices located across India to accommodate its products and services customers. Additionally, to accommodate worldwide customers, it has 6 international dealers who provide service to the European, Middle East, Russia and Far East markets.

Challenging Requirements
To address its automation constraints, The Poonawalla Group needed an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that would integrate its distributed manufacturing, tracking, invoicing, production, inventory, and financial systems. The initial ERP was built using a previous version of PowerBuilder, and due to changes in the organization, the Poonwalla Group had the opportunity to expand this to a higher level of technology services.

The Poonwalla Group had the following key requirements:

Migrating and Upgrading
Keeping these requirements in mind, The Poonawalla Group turned to Sybase technology. The solution consisted of: Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE), as the foundation for data processing and storage, and PowerBuilder for application development. The initial forms were migrated from a previous application development tool to an updated version of PowerBuilder. Over 150 people at The Poonwalla Group use this application at the corporate headquarters. As Mr. Prashant Deshpande, general manager, I.T. explains, one of the key factors influencing The Poonwalla Group to select Sybase was "scalability for mobile technology, since we intend to incorporate mobile features such as mobile inventory access."

Low Cost of Ownership
As Mr. Deshpande puts it, "We are getting good support from Sybase, and the total cost of maintenance is quite low. With our skilled Sybase manpower, we were also able to migrate at a very low cost. We currently have eight people working in Information Technology, including database administrators and developers."

Additionally, given the in-house resources, the training cost was less than expected. The The Poonawalla Group saved on system testing and training costs. Leveraging Sybase ASE's already low total cost of ownership with the cost advantages of Linux, this combination helped to reduce the total cost of ownership as well as simplify the application development process.

The Mobile Advantage
One of the key requirements was moving to a Web-based and mobile environment. "Basically, with the Sybase ASE and PowerBuilder platform, we can take advantage of a good graphical user interface, and conversion scalability with Sybase EAServer and Appeon.  This solution saves on our client to Web-server conversion," concludes Mr. Deshpande.

Easily Accessible Reports and Faster Processing
With ASE, The Poonawalla Group has been able to access multiple reports on demand, using the PowerBuilder tool. "Composite reports, cross-tab reports and ad-hoc query builders were quite good and developed with PowerBuilder," explains Mr. Deshpande.  This information supplies the company and its partners with key data about the business and manufacturing efficiencies.

Now managing all daily and inter-day information requests, the ASE database is set to grow as multiple are applications added. But this new growth is not a problem, The Poonawalla Group continues to experience fast query speeds. "Performance tuning has been done in ASE, and migration and testing has been carried out seamlessly" adds Mr. Deshpande. In the next phase, users will also be able to connect to the database for direct order processing.  Because the system has proven its reliability, Mr. Deshpande does not predict any scalability issues. A comprehensive disaster recovery plan also ensures that batch jobs for data transfer are carried out seamlessly.

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