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Database Development in Sybase WorkSpace

Database Development tooling is one of the several components of WorkSpace that Sybase customers can obtain for development against Sybase Adaptive Server® Enterprise (ASE), Sybase IQ (IQ), and Sybase iAnywhere® SQL Anywhere®. The tool offers both editing and debugging support in one package.

Sybase WorkSpace 2.0 supports ASE 12.5.x and 15, IQ 12.6 and 12.7, and SQL Anywhere 10. In addition to Sybase database servers, Sybase WorkSpace supports other Sybase servers including Replication Server® 12.6 and 15, EAServer , as well as selected non-Sybase servers.WorkSpace is available on Windows platform only. For more information, see WorkSpace installation and release bulletins available at http://sybooks.sybase.com/nav/detail.do?docset=918.

Database Development component uses Sybase jConnect JDBC driver (included in the product) and therefore there is no requirement to use Sybase Open Client SDK or ODBC. Sybase WorkSpace allows browsing of third-party databases through their JDBC Driver.

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