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Targeted CR List for ASE 12.5.4 ESD #6

The purpose of this document is to help Sybase customers obtain a general idea of potential bug fixes in future Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) EBF releases. Please be sure to read the Disclaimer and General Notes below.

Disclaimer: This document lists the targeted (not committed) fixed CR list for the release listed above. Please be aware that the purpose of this posting is solely to provide you, our customers with estimated release dates and targeted CR lists. Sybase does not commit to releasing EBFs on the specified dates or to including the CR fixes in the said EBF. While every effort will be made to meet the said targets, changes can occur at any time. It is also possible (although unlikely) that Sybase may decide not to release an EBF that was previously scheduled for release.

Bug IDDescription
329205 Add new procedure, sp_showtext, that can re-generate the text from syscomments for compiled objects like procedures, triggers, views, so that the output matches exactly what was submitted by the user when creating the object. Output can be generated with line numbers, and also as a context block of SQL text around a given line number. Output can be generated as a stand-alone DDL script which can be then used to recreate the object in most cases. Use 'sp_showtext' without any arguments to get usage syntax help.
351032 If a user does not supply password when invoking DDLGen from command line, he will be prompted to enter the password from the console.
358404 Under very rare circumstances, some 821 or 813 errors may be raised for a very busy multi-engine ASE having a buffer cache shortage.
398320 The error 10302, "Only the DBO of database 'dbccdb' or a user with System Administrator (SA) role can run this command." will be incorrectly raised when a user without SA role different from the DBO executes DBCC CHECKVERIFY even if this access has been granted in the target database.
398443 In rare circumstances , an error message "Internal error, FDP API, fdp_get_memory() :Failed to allocate xxxxx bytes" may be logged in the ASE errorlog when sp_configure is executed.
401066 Error 3935, "Fatal protocol error. xact_beginupdate() API was invoked in the wrong context. The transaction is currently in 'Abort tran-attached' state." may be hit in module 'xact_beginupdate' with a stack trace in the error log, when a rollback occurred during the execution of a stored procedure that is marked for replication. The module 'log_repproc_exec' will also be reported in the stack trace.
407031 When a named cache is configured too small for current demands, a message is posted in the log and the associated spid may keep looping , waiting for free buffers. The spid cannot be killed.
409347 Adaptive Server tries to flush a free descriptor from the local cache of engines' by migrating to the engine without looking at the count of free descriptors on that engine, leading to a small performance degradation when all descriptors are in use.
415882 Feature to audit LDAPUA state changes.
416246 A self-deadlock may sometimes occur if there are concurrent serializable and non-serializable transactions doing DMLs to a DATA-ONLY locked table.
423253 On Solaris, if ASE is configured for HighAvailability on SunCluster, the HA agent ase_monitor will initiate failover if it fails to run various SQL commands as part of thorough probe, though the error is a transient one such as no space in tempdb.
423559 Increase limit of message parameter in syb_sendmsg TSQL function from 255 characters in length.
425396 If the value of the 'max SQL text monitored' configuration parameter is greater than 16384 bytes and a n application submits a SQL batch larger than 16384 bytes, a query on the monProcessSQLText Monitoring Table may generate a 632 error.
426791 ASE hangs or crashes when 3604 flag is enabled along with 7825, 7826 or 7827 flags.
428922 Enhancement to sp_monitor to monitor deadlocks using monDeadLock monitoring table. Interface is "sp_monitor 'deadlock'", followed by various arguments. An archival facility is provided to store deadlock events in a user-specified table. Detailed usage information can be obtained from: "sp_monitor help, deadlock" comand. Connection monitoring is now enhanced with new command "sp_monitor procstack", that reports on a task's procedural execution stack. Use "sp_monitor help, procstack" for more details.
430428 modify sp_text_load_index to display progress messages
430503 An INSERT/DELETE/UPDATE trigger interrupted by Ctrl C may not qualify the expected number of rows from the INSERTED/DELETED table and the associated INSERT/DELETE/UPDATE statement may not be rolled back accordingly.
430748 Instrumentation to diagnose 12328 errors: "The calculated row offset ' < offset > ' of an index key on page ' < pageid > ' for object ' < objid > 'in database ' < dbid > ' is out of bounds (table offset on page = ' < offset > ', page status = ' < pgstat > ', local offset table address = < address > ). Also, regenerate the offset table once to try to avoid 12328 errors, unless command line trace flag 625 is turned on.
432693 User without an Unix OS id were not able to use ASE RTDS messaging with MQ. This fix provides an option 'alter_user=yes' that allows such users to use RTDS messaging with MQ.
440159 syconfig.exe utility shows corrupt Chinese Characters when default language is set to Traditional Chinese.
441274 CREATE RULE statement incorrectly allows the creation of rules that use subqueries on its definition.
442525 A union with subquery in the result list may fail with error 530 ("Attempt to insert NULL value into column %d in work table (table id %ld); column does not allow NULLS. UPDATE fails.") if the subquery is producing empty result set.
444117 The auditing of login failures is enhanced to include the "Error number.Severity.State" in the "Other Information" section of extrainfo column.
445986 Incorrect join costing due to wrong filtering cost when subquery is flattened for reformating.
446293 CR 363894 causes 3250 error when using striping and Netbackup The error 3250, "The devices ' < backup api library name > :: < filename > ' and ' < backup api library name > :: < filename > ' specified in the command should be different." will be raised if the file names of two stripes are the same. This error should only be raised for normal or compressed files and it is an error assuming that an external API cannot use duplicate names.
448978 Under some rare conditions, the message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'qualpage' together with a stacktrace which includes the module 'getpage_with_validation' may be reported in the error log if a query is executed with materialized derived table.
449021 In a server configured to use a multi-byte character set by default, the replication of text being bulk copied could fail if the BCP client is using a single-byte character set.
449301 A 510 error, "Bad eop type 0x...", may be reported in the errorlog together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'execproc' and 'tdsrecv__dynexec' when executing a dynamic parameterized sql statement which used one of the following string manipulation functions: SUBSTRING(), LTRIM(), RTRIM(), RIGHT(), LEFT(), UPPER() or REVERSE() and the parameter's length value exceeds 255 characters.
449492 It was impossible to change configuration parameter 'messaging memory' when 'enable real time messaging' equals 0 (RTDS option disabled). That CR addresses that issue, allowing the user to modify 'messaging memory' configuration parameter before enabling RTDS.
450005 When a stored procedure involving joins on regular tables and a derived table must be recompiled due to a schema change, column names might not be resolved correctly, yielding an erroneous "ambiguous column" error.
452189 Incorrect code execution on ibmaix64 for fbo mode may lead to difference in selectivities for sarg.
452442 OR-clauses may not be evaluated if the query qualification references a column with the decrypt_default attribute. In SQL statements containing qualifications of the type WHERE dd_col = < value > OR non_dd_col = < value > , where dd_col is an encrypted column with the decrypt_default attribute and non_dd_col is a column without the decrypt_default attribute, the WHERE clause will disqualify all rows if the user executing the query does not have decrypt permission on dd_col.
452482 Encryption Column feature is now available on linuxamd64 platform.
452735 With traceflag 1649 active, ASE fails to initialize devices (like tmpfs) which does not support KAIO. Also databases on these devices (created before using traceflag 1649) fails to come online with error 823.
452782 If a Kerberos login attempt blocks during security session establishment reading the security opaque token from the client, it can hold an engine-wide security semaphore effectively blocking all other Kerberos login attempts. A new trace flag 7850 is added to timeout security connections if no security opaque token is received from client in 60 seconds.
453273 In rare circumstances, concurrent dmls to very large data-only locked tables may cause index corruption, resulting in 644 errors: "Index row entry for data row id < pageid, rnum > is missing from index page < indexpage > of index id < indid > of table < tabid > in database < dbid > . Xactid is < xactid > . Drop and re-create the index." Running online index reorg may cause self-deadlocks and 12311 errors, and dbcc checktable may report corruption.
453339 When ASE is booted with 16k page size, installmaster script may fail to complete with following message: "The current 'max memory' value '32768', is not sufficient to change the parameter 'allow updates to system tables' to '1'".
453367 The query, "ALTER TABLE MODIFY < column_name > NULL ENCRYPT WITH < encr_key > DECRYPT_DEFAULT NULL", failed with an 13975 error message, "You may not declare a null-valued decrypt_default on column < column_name > because that column is not nullable".
453742 ASE HA Failback fails with ServiceGuard A.11.17 but works on ServiceGuard A.11.16 and A.11.15. This is a compatibility issue with ServiceGuard A.11.17. ServiceGuard A.11.17 changes the message in its output from "cmhaltpkg : Completed successfully" to "cmhaltpkg: Completed successfully". A white space has been removed in the message between "cmhaltpkg" and ":" causing ASE HA Failback to fail.
453759 The count distinct expression may not return the correct number of rows on ANSI join queries involving subquery and ANY expression.
453993 Query with derrived table expression having TSQL outer join operator *= may return incorrect result if the inner table joining column is also present in the select list of the main query.
454609 Table scans on DATA_ONLY locked tables running at isolation level READ COMMITTED may sometimes fail to return qualifying rows if there are concurrent INSERTs/UPDATEs happening on the table.
455042 Client connection which is bound to the LASTONLINE will hang when issuing the "sp_engine 'offline'" command.
455275 Under rare circumstances DBCC CHECKSTORAGE may detect non-existent 100018 errors when run on an archive database.
455295 When table in IQ/ASA has name greater than 30 characters, creating proxy table in ASE that maps to it will fail with ASA Error -131: Syntax error near 'order' on line 1.
455326 The 110219 error log message has been reworded and now reads "Warning: There is no valid license for ASE_ASM and therefore the ASE_ASM feature has not been initialized".
455611 HAaseAgent for VCS on Solaris and Linux executes one VCS system command with wrong syntax: hagrp -display < service-group-name > attribute SystemList The above command with correct syntax should be: hagrp -display < serveric-group-name > -attribute SystemList The wrong syntax will not cause any failure in HAaseAgent or HA function except that VCS engine may log some error message to its log.
455674 Under very rare circumstances, some 821 or 813 errors may be raised for a very busy multi-engine ASE having a buffer cache shortage.
455826 If a kerberos login gets a timeslice error during security session establishment, the engine-wide semaphore is not released, causing all the other kerberos logins on that engine to block.
456260 When using RTDS (version 4.0 and before) with MQ, messages larger than 1MB cannot be sent or received.
456498 A 804 error reading "Unable to find buffer ' < Buffer Address > ' from cache 'Named Cache' holding logical page ' < Page Id > ' in sdes 'Sdes Address' kept buffer pool for object ' < Object Name > ', together with a stack trace showing modules 'pg_getdatapage_forinsert' and 'pg_release_alloc_page' may be raised while many concurrent sessions are INSERTing into the same sliced DOL table having a placement index.
456532 On Solaris, if ASE is configured for High Availability with SunCluster, the HA agent ase_monitor may print misleading error messages on every thorough probe, though the error occured only once.
456569 Some ALTER TABLE ADD < default > with MODIFY and/or DROP commands may fail with Msg 11050 in a HA environment.
460687 The error 9947, "An attempt to allocate memory failed due to insufficient ASE memory." can be raised by DBCC CHECKVERIFY, if the number of faults found by DBCC CHECKSTORAGE is very big.
460825 Execute immediate queries referencing outer scope variables may sometimes fail with syntax error about non declared local variables.
460936 Installer is not able to find JVM on HP-UX 11.31
461066 Parallel query execution with runtime adjustment to serial execution may return incorrect results or fail with different unexpected errors if there are some DOL tables in the query and some expressions with result size bigger than 255 characters.
461310 Under random circumstances, the error "Cannot create msgqueue Xnnnnnnnn because it already exists" could be raised by the backup server. The chances are higher when there are several dumps running simultaneously.
461469 A timeslice error followed by a stack trace that includes the module db__diskremap_sysaltusages could result when trying to load a transaction dump on a big archive database.
461669 On PPC64/Linux, if a dump is made with the compress option, the dump archive cannot be greater than 2GB.
462191 The message text for error 15082 has been changed to indicate that it is not an error "There are < value > OAM entries with zero used/unused page counts. This is not an error. Run DBCC < value > FIX on objid < value > indid < value > to remove these entries as doing so will improve OAM scan performance.". Furthermore the message will be reported on objects with greater than 10 OAM pages and having 50% zero used/unused page counts OAM entries.
462331 soc_printpeername should print port number of client associated with invalid tds
462943 In some cases, outer join on view or derived table with CASE expression may return wrong result.
462956 Queries involving IN clause may perform with high logical reads even if the index covers the query.
463003 When the result of messaging builtins (eg msgrecv, msgconsume) is obtained as TEXT datatype, and this result is converted to java.lang.String, we hit a stack trace.
463013 When RTDS is disabled and a messaging built-in is executed, the transcation is left allocated instead of being rollbacked. Later, this lead to error 11068 as the left transaction can be reused but with an expected state.
463040 When using messaging builtins (eg msgrecv, msgconsume) to return java.lang.String, if the return value is larger than 16k we get MEMMOVE error.
463111 When Q engines are onlined with ASE, messaging tasks and other DBMS tasks may hang.
463176 Schema count is not incremented correctly for a table when dropping a foreign key constraint on if a table has multiple foreign key constraints. A stored procedure using this table will not automatically be recompiled yielding a 3601 internal error.
463287 Error 11775 displays a negative number instead of the command name when encrypted columns is not enabled and an attempt to grant permission on encrypted columns commands is made.
463492 Times recorded in historical server recording sessions do not properly adjust for DST 2007 changes.
463772 DUMP TRANSACTION < db > WITH STANDBY_ACCESS is not forwarded to Replication Server. This command allows a database that has been loaded with that transaction log dump, to be brought online between loads. This is possible because this command only dumps completed transactions. In a replication environment using coordinated dumps, a dump tran with standby_access that was successfuly run on the primary may fail when RS attemps to apply it into the replicated database as it may not find a quiesce point in the transaction log of the replicated database.
464760 Login to ASE using LDAP may hang with the message "Waiting for native threads to be released, or for 'max number of ldapua native threads' to be increased." even after increasing value of 'set_max_ldapua_native_threads'.
465014 ASE may send incorrect SQL to the remote server resulting in syntax error when a local table is joined with a proxy table and the WHERE clause contains IN or OR clauses on 'date' or 'time' columns.
465301 With "max parallel degree" configured to more than 1, statements that reference encrypted columns with the decrypt default property can cause ASE to stacktrace with a "Worker Process internal plan copy error for EVAL E_DECRYPT_PERM" message.
465382 When trace flag 2511 is active, ASE will suppress reporting the message 15082 during DBCC checks.
465736 Timing issues related to signal handling require the implementation of an alternate signal stack via the system call sigaltstack().
465853 64bit monserver on solaris can have very high cpu utilization at times due to not being linked with the kernel threads libraries (/usr/lib/lwp/64)
465953 Changing column encryption key causes stack trace if a decrypt_default is defined on the column.
466435 A LOAD DATABASE command might hang in cases where the "number of open databases" configuration parameter is less than the number of databases on the server and an earlier attempt to load another database with a cross-architecture database dump, failed.
466986 DDLGen fails in some circumstances to generate DDL for a table, where permissions have been granted on table columns with error P12: Critical internal application error occured.
467253 When executing stored procedure a new timestamp value is not assigned after performing UPDATE query on a table created in the same procedure. Similary timestamp returned after calling tsequal() is also incorrect.
467447 Since ASE 12.5.4, 923 errors, "User < user > not allowed in database ' < database > ' - only the owner of this database can access it" and 937 errors, "Database ' < database > ' is unavailable. It is undergoing LOAD DATABASE" may be reported unnecessarily.
467841 The message "current process ... infected with 11" may be reported in module 'dol_row_delete' during the execution of a DELETE command from a Data Only Locked table. The modules 'dol_delete' and 'row_delete' would also be reported in the stack trace in the error log.
468311 The message "Current process infected with signal 11 (SIGSEGV)" in the module 'pchk_pt_sched_scan' together with a stack trace including the module 'checkstorage' may be reported in the error log when DBCC CHECKSTORAGE is run for a database using a device whose vdevno is greater than 127. This applies to ASE version 12.5.* on the IBM AIX platform only.
468710 There is memory leak while msgsend/msgpublish with the option replyto and the type of replyto destination is different from the send/publish destination type.
470912 Extended stored procedures fail if 'set cis_rpc_handling on' is enabled and the xpserver has the 'negotiated logins' attribute switched on.
472095 Index may be corrupted with 7930 and 2511 errors when DBCC TUNE "ascinserts" is used with an INSERT SELECT from a table with data that is not in sorted order.
472804 If the trigger was defined on a prefixed table name (db..table or db.owner.table) and the schema count for syslogs table in the database is different than 0, ASE may be unable to compile the trigger correctly and the INSERT/DELETE/UPDATE statements will return the error 225/16/3, "Cannot run query--referenced object (name NAME NOT RECOVERABLE) dropped during query optimization."
474014 srvbuild and srvbuildres are built with PA RISC2.0 dependency so the binaries cannot execute on PA RISC1.1 platforms.

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