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"Sybase 365 is a one-stop-shop for advertising and media agencies, such as ourselves, who work with clients requiring local and international mobile campaigns."

Nicola Keay

In this Europe-wide mobile marketing campaign, Volvo utilized Sybase 365 and Mindshare to deliver a campaign aimed at building hype around a mobile movie based on the new Volvo S40 car release. The campaign was designed to drive traffic to the Volvo Website and generate interest in the car.

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Sybase 365 + Mindshare Rev Up Volvo's S40 Campaign
In this revolutionary, Europe-wide marketing campaign, mobile video was used to enhance an innovative strategy for the launch of the all-new Volvo S40. The successful implementation and positive results of the Dalarö campaign are a clear indicator that mobile video is well on the way to becoming an indispensable marketing tool. The campaign was conducted in France, Spain, the U.K., the Netherlands, and Belgium.

"Sybase 365 is a one-stop-shop for advertising and media agencies, such as ourselves, who work with clients requiring local and international mobile campaigns," said Nicola Keay of Mindshare. "The Dalarö strategy was a great way to facilitate exposure of the teaser and documentary to more people across more countries and achieve the ultimate objective of driving traffic onto the Volvo site and exposure to the S40 vehicle."

The aim of the mobile marketing campaign was to build hype around "The Mystery of Dalarö" to raise awareness of the S40 among its target market of young, urban professionals. The call to action was the viewing of a video teaser meant to drive traffic to the Volvo Web site while exposing the new product to the target audience in order to increase sales.

Sybase 365 worked with integrated media agency Mindshare to create a mobile campaign that complemented the launch of the S40. "The Mystery of Dalarö," refers to a village so fascinated by the S40 that 35 of its inhabitants purchase the car on the same day.

To appeal to the specific target market, Volvo wanted to integrate its "Mystery of Dalarö" teaser trailer into content for a video mobile channel. This was achieved in two ways: by running the teaser on users' mobile phones, and by driving traffic to Volvo's Web site via an email link where the full "documentary" could be viewed and more details about the new car could be accessed.

Launch ads in traditional media featured a message inviting consumers to text "MYSTERY" to a short code in the U.K. Sybase 365's advanced device recognition was able to seamlessly detect the sender's handset type to determine whether the mobile phone was equipped to receive video clips.

If so, the sender received a text message with a link enabling them to download the appropriate video tool to play the teaser trailer directly on their phone. The option was also given to view the full documentary on Dalarö by sending in an email address.

Sybase 365 was able to offer this mobile video solution through its long-standing relationship with video specialist Oplayo. Oplayo's Vidlet, comprising the player and the video clip, can be delivered directly to a user's phone.

When Sybase 365's device recognition technology encountered a phone that was not video-enabled, a text message requesting the user's email address was automatically sent. Upon receipt of the email address, the Volvo URL link was transmitted back to the sender.

Sybase 365 was able to validate incoming email addresses using a trusted partner's technology. This technology automatically validates incoming responses containing email addresses to confirm that they are the correct format before sending the email directly to the recipient. Once a consumer submits their details and the address is verified, an email is automatically sent with the Volvo advertisement as an attachment or URL link. This enabled the maximum number of users to view the Dalarö campaign, regardless of their handset type.


Sybase 365's unrivalled worldwide reach included more than 150 direct connections essential in the delivery of time-critical interactive campaigns guaranteed that Volvo was able to run the multi-regional campaign seamlessly across Europe, ensuring maximum impact despite different country specific short codes, tariffs, and network operators.

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