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Creating Dynamic Mobile Applications with M-Business Anywhere

A Technical Case Study


As one of the largest independent software companies in the world, Sybase has a large and expanding portfolio of products that it markets in many countries. Most products are available according to different license terms, and offer a range of individually priced options. Since license terms and options may vary according to geography, and pricing must be expressed in 20 or more currencies, traditional approaches to delivering PDA content would not accommodate this much information, given the limited memory and processing power of PDAs.

Besides the technical hurdles in implementing these dynamic HTML pages, concerns abound regarding data file size that can adversely affect sync times as well as hinder performance on the device.

To enable the efficient navigation of such a large amount of data on a PDA, the Sybase project team chose the offline Web deployment and synchronization technology of M-Business Anywhere, from Sybase's own iAnywhere subsidiary. M-Business Anywhere enabled the Sybase project team to deploy a solution that uses dynamic HTML pages accessing XML data files on the device to deliver high-performance access to pricing information. This paper provides an overview of the project effort, from the concept stage to implementation.

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