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T-Mobile Netherlands

"After several months of practical experience, my conclusion is that we should have acquired this mobile CRM solution years ago."

Jurgen Dhollander
Manager Sales Promotions & POS Materials

T-Mobile Netherlands is a mobile communications provider for consumers and business users with over 2.3 million customers and previous turnovers of USD 1.36 billion. The company is a subsidiary of T-Mobile International, one of Deutsche Telekom's three strategic business units.

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Time for an Update
Mobile Netherlands is a mobile communications provider for consumers and business users with over 2.3 million customers in the Netherlands and previous turnovers of USD 1.36 billion. T-Mobile Netherlands is a subsidiary of the globally operating T-Mobile International, an operating company of Deutsche Telekom. The company runs a modern network for voice and data services and a rapidly growing number of HotSpots for fast mobile internet access. T-Mobile's services and products are sold by a nationwide network of dealers, 21 T-shops, an online web store, and HotSpots. These retail outlets are supported by a team of 12 sales promoters, who visit both the chain stores and the HotSpots.

Until recently, these mobile workers recorded all data on standardized forms. They spent one day per week in the office, processing data by entering it into the company's SAP CRM system. This was an intensive and error-prone process due to the fact that every sales promoter makes approximately 35 to 40 visits per week and records information on paper forms during each visit. During a strong time of growth, T-Mobile was planning to add some 45 stores and many more HotSpots– which they know would leave the sales promoters extremely busy. To lighten the administrative load while at the same time increasing the team's efficiency, Jurgen Dhollander, T-Mobile's manager of sales promotions & POS materials made the decision to equip all team members with a mobile CRM solution.

Mobile Technology Helps Measure Sales Promotions
T-Mobile deployed an easy-to-use forms-based solution powered by iAnywhere's M-Business Anywhere. The solution is used to record notes from each visit electronically on MDA Vario Windows Mobile Smartphones. "With the new application, our sales promoters are now ambassadors for mobility working with T-Mobile" explains Dhollander. "Information is now available at the office immediately, so follow-up actions can be initiated earlier and reports are more up-to-date."

Sales promoters are so-called ‘missionary' sales people who make an indirect contribution to sales results due to their effort and the promotional materials they provide. This contribution is vital to influencing the positive perception of T-Mobile to both business partners and end users. The issue that was imperative to T-Mobile was how to effectively measure the impact of this effort. Often in sales, the number of visits, the visibility of promotional materials, and product knowledge are used as measuring criteria. To adjust these criteria, the company has reached Service Level Agreements – measuring, for example, the number and frequency of HotSpot visits. T-Mobile International also uses mystery shoppers to assess the quality of the partner channel and the visibility of promotional materials. "Thanks to the new mobile application, the experiences of mystery shoppers can be easily and quickly compared against the visit reports of the sales promoters," states Dhollander. "It is also easier to inventory the need for additional information, training or promotional materials during the introduction of a new service or product. This was proven recently when our business partners were informed that T-Mobile's network was ready for HSDPA," explains Dhollander.

Mobile CRM Solution
The selection process for the new mobile application started on the internet. "I quickly created a shortlist by searching for relevant technologies using a number of tips from colleagues about experts in this field," adds Dhollander. "I selected OmniMove Mobile Forms due to the simplicity and flexibility of form variant configuration. This solution is based on the scaleable M-Business Anywhere mobility platform from iAnywhere. Naturally we also evaluated the extent to which our goals could be achieved by using our SAP CRM system. Extending this system was more complex and would provide less flexible, so we decided that the combination of OmniMove Mobile Forms and SAP CRM was a perfect match for us. Thanks to the new solution, our sales promoters can register all visit information on a web portal via a familiar browser-based interface. While it is a web application, the forms can be used in either an online or offline manner."

"We Were Live In Just a Few Days"
"The M-Business Anywhere-powered solution is so simple that we were live in just a few days after confirming our order. We did not even need a manual or comprehensive training. Naturally we considered the form layout carefully beforehand. Based on the first practical experiences, the number of forms was minimized by working as much as possible with conditional fields. This means that our employees only need to complete fields that are relevant to their visit," explains Dhollander.

Recognizing Significant Benefits
The main advantage of T-Mobile's new mobile solution is the minimized administrative burden. The number of weekly visits has not changed, but visit reports are processed immediately instead of at night or during a weekly visit to the office. "Our workers are very pleased with the new application," adds Dhollander. "Furthermore the accuracy of the visit reports has clearly improved because there is no lag time between the visit and the data entry. Another advantage is the continuous insight that management has into all of the visits made – and the ability to immediately recognize any irregularities that may have occurred. This enables us to justify, in a proactive manner, that all HotSpots have been visited and conform to the SLA -- and that mystery shopper experiences coincide with our observations," concludes Dhollander.

Achieving Efficiency
"We used to send new promotional materials to all shops, but our new, more accurate registration means that we now only stock the stores that actively use our promotional displays. In addition, when we introduced the new "Flex" rate plan, we did not need to hire an external merchandising agency for the first time. This change alone means that we have already achieved our return on investment for the low-cost system. By coordinating back office functions such as form processing and archiving requirements, we also save a lot of administrative time – and as a result money. After several months of practical experience, my conclusion is that we should have acquired this mobile CRM solution years ago," says Dhollander.

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