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LoanPerformance—a subsidiary of a Fortune 500 company supplying risk management, financial analysis and regulatory compliance services — needed to meet increasingly demanding customer requirements. With Sybase® technology, processing terabytes of data, on-demand reports and queries are now delivered from eight to 100 times faster, resulting in better customer service.

Business Advantage

  • Sybase technology enables LoanPerformance to offer unparalleled Web-based analytics services and information at lightning fast speeds.

Key Benefits

  • Increases speed by an average of eight times—and up to 100 times
  • Lowers occurrence of long queries from 16 percent to less than one percent
  • Rapid implementation
  • Cost-effective on Linux platform
  • Scalable for users and data loads

Sybase Technology


  • Financial Services

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An Innovator in Mortgage Securities Data
With more than 30,000 employees and revenues in excess of $6.5 billion, First American manages the largest property and ownership database in the U.S., covering 94 percent of the U.S. population and 97 percent of all mortgage transactions. A self-standing subsidiary of First American, LoanPerformance provides state-of-the technology, predictive analytics and reporting capabilities to the world’s leading financial institutions that trade in mortgage risk.

An innovator in mortgage securities data, LoanPerformance was faced with growing its business and supplying solutions to increasingly demanding customer requirements while operating an efficient technology architecture. The company also needed to add new Web-based capabilities and improve existing functionality of analytic applications.

Long Queries, Less Satisfied Customers
As LoanPerformance’s central databases grew exponentially into the double-digit terabyte range, queries and reports were taking longer than anticipated and customers tired of extended wait times for information. One in five queries took longer than five minutes, and one in 20 queries would time out. In short, the IT team knew it was time to investigate alternatives beyond a traditional OLTP database, on which to run their mission-critical, predictive analytics applications.

Knowing that the future success of the company would ride on their ability to deliver fast, accurate Web-based reporting, the IT team developed their standards for the new solution. Simple queries needed to be delivered in less than one minute and complex queries less than 20 minutes. They also required enhanced attribute capabilities, faster load times and scalability for thousands of concurrent users. Additionally, the team anticipated future data growth, both in fields and in record number.

Sybase Chosen for Speed, Delivers Fast Results
During exhaustive head-to-head testing, Sybase IQ emerged as the leader in speed. Even with increasing numbers of simultaneous users, speed requirements were exceeded. Other solutions, while meeting the baseline requirements, slowed dramatically when additional concurrent users were added. LoanPerformance selected Sybase IQ to allow the company to pursue its healthy growth plans while providing astounding performance on low-cost Linux hardware.

Installation of the new Sybase IQ system took only a week and immediately delivered dramatic results. The number of queries that took more than 10 minutes was reduced from 16 percent to less than one percent. LoanPerformance also saw an average speed increase of eight times—and up to 100 times—over the previous system, resulting in better customer service and better utilization of IT resources.

“This isn’t just a case of a few show-stopping improvements,” said Dan Feshbach, chief executive officer of LoanPerformance. “This is an across-the-board upgrade that provides a whole new, entirely different, experience for users — especially power users.”

Now, LoanPerformance can continue to offer unparalleled Web-based analytics services and information from the industry’s largest, most comprehensive database at lightning fast speeds. So now, when an investor asks, “How does my mortgage portfolio compare over time with the market?” LoanPerformance can provide the answers. Online. Faster than they ever thought possible.

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