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SeAh Information System

"DataWindow .NET is the first tool from Sybase I have used, and I now have full confidence in Sybase's products. The product's interface and ease of use were a big plus."

Mr. Dong-jo Choi
Project Manager
SeAh Information System

Dreamline, a SeAh Group affiliate and telecommunications provider, needed a .NET-based integrated management information system where its next-generation applications, including Web services, could be associated with the systemized general management information. Using Sybase technology, SeAh Information System successfully reduces the time and personnel required for Dreamline's general management activities.

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A Consolidated Management Information System
Dreamline, one of t he SeAh Group's 14 subsidiaries, needed an integrated administration system that would help the company systematically and efficiently manage its various general business activities including asset management, accounting and finance and human resources/payroll management. In addition, the next generation on-line service had to provide flexibility and compatibility with new applications.

SeAh Information System, an affiliate of the SeAh Group, developed the solution from March through November 2005, using their internal sisFramework and Sybase DataWindow .NET, Sybase's .Net development tool. SisFramework enables consistent code creation and increased productivity using standardized templates and varying controls.

Acquiring Data Reliability
"As an application development framework established and based on the Microsoft .Net framework, our sisFreamework supports code consistency when numerous developers are working on the same project," said Dong-jo Choi, project manager at SeAh Information System. "It provides all the necessary technologies such as data access, configuration information setting and error handling technologies for successful application development."

He added, "Our top priority for this project was to consolidate the scattered management information system and acquire data reliability. With the previous system, it took many personnel and greater cost to maintain data accuracy because the system was managed by each division."

According to Choi, the primary goal of the new system was to acquire data reliability between the various management systems.

Systematic asset management was achieved by establishing strengthened account management through SSO (single sign on). DataWindow .NET was chosen as the development tool for creating a system that supports a high number of inquiries and displays which are necessary for accounting and personnel management.

DataWindow .NET Delivers
"This was a challenging project that required us to take many risks during the .NET-based development effort," Choi said. "However, Sybase's DataWindow .NET minimized the risk elements and allowed us to focus on the development."

As the project manager for this assignment, Choi explained his decision to choose Sybase DataWindow .NET. "Actually, I have been interested in DataWindow .NET since its initial release. Although there are many developers who have already used PowerBuilder, I was interested to see if that functionality could be implemented on the .NET basis."

Choi determined that Sybase DataWindow .NET would be the most suitable tool for transferring existing ERP developed under Sybase PowerBuilder to .NET basis. Although he was a bit concerned about using Sybase DataWindow .NET as the inquiry and display creation tool, he experienced no problems using it on the .NET platform, and the development productivity increased due to reduced quantity of code in .NET application development.

"I have used other domestic and foreign products that support similar functionalities, but I have found that there are errors and often some code rewriting is required when using those products on applications I've developed," he said. "DataWindow .NET is the first tool from Sybase I have used, and I now have full confidence in Sybase's products. The product's interface and ease of use were a big plus."

After seeing the benefits, Choi developed about 40 to 50 percent of his programs using Sybase DataWindow .NET.

"I expect the applications I develop using this tool will require much less maintenance. We can instantaneously deploy the applications in the field without special user training," Choi said.

Increased Development Productivity, Maintenance Efficiency
Dreamline is now able to take full advantage of the considerable amount of data within the existing IT systems by using Sybase DataWindow .NET. The new system increased the development productivity significantly, enabling the company to focus more of its resources on core safety and quality issues.

In addition, the administrative efficiency of the new system is very high, requiring less maintenance. DataWindow .NET is expected to be widely utilized for the company's next generation of projects.

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