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How does the Agent perform on a dial-up connection compared to a LAN connection?


The features are very similar when comparing a dial-up connection to a LAN connection. The Agent does not suffer any limitations when connected through dial-up relative to a high speed LAN connection. However, there are a few dial-up features:

  • The Package properties allow you to schedule package execution based on the connection type.
  • When you send a package, you have the ability to send only when a LAN connection is detected (with the option selected, dial-up users wouldn't download the package).
  • Since the Agent is fully functional, even when on a dial-up connection, perhaps the most important thing to mention is the bandwidth throttling functionality of the Agent. This throttling is always in effect and controls how quickly a package is downloaded based on network traffic. On slow dial-up connections, bandwidth is much more limited. The Agent recognizes this and downloads the package at an appropriate speed to impact the user as little as possible.

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