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How does Live Support function in PC and Pocket PC environments? What ports need to be open for the connection to be established?


The following information outlines the technical details for establishing a Live Support connection from the Primary Command Server (PCS) to a PC Agent or a Pocket PC Micro Agent.

Connection type Details
Attended PC Live Support A request for an Attended Live Support connection is sent from the PCS to the PC Agent. Once the request is made, the PCS opens a listening port on port 5600.

On the client computer, the user must request remote assistance. Once the request for a connection is received and accepted, port 5700 is opened on the client computer, and the connection will be established.

Unattended PC Live Support When Unattended Live Support is enabled on a client PC, the Live Support Host service is started. By default, once this service has started, Unattended Live Support listens on port 5700 for incoming Live Support Connections.
Pocket PC Live Support For Pocket PC, Live Support broadcasts on port 1899 and connects on port 1903.

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