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I am writing a simple program that can automatically reinstall and update third-party applications on Pocket PC 2003, however, when I execute the CAB file, the user is prompted with the message "app-name is already installed. Re-install?" Is it possible to suppress this warning so that upgrades and reinstalls can be silent?


Although the wceload command has /noui options, it does not suppress the dialog, and you must use wceload to execute the file. To suppress the reinstall warnings, you can edit a registry value for the application that indicates whether the application is already installed. By doing this, when the CAB file is executed, the installer perceives that the application is not installed when it checks the registry key, causing the reinstall to proceed without any user prompts.

For example, you can change the following registry key depending on your application:

HKLM\Software\Apps\Your App\
  Instl = 0

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