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As of Manage Anywhere Studio 6.0, the license scheme follows an online activation model. Normally, the authentication of the license key occurs on the Primary Command Server (PCS) over the Internet to the authentication servers. However, there are instances where the PCS does not have Internet access, and in these instances offline activation must be performed. This document explains the process.


To use offline activation

  1. Since you were unable to activate the software on the initial installation, Manage Anywhere Studio should be running in evaluation mode.
  2. From the Admin Console, choose Help > About.
  3. Click Activate.
    The Activation wizard appears.
  4. Enter your serial number, and then click Next.
  5. Select the Activate Off-line option, and then click Next.
  6. Save the token.lic file in the default location. Click Next.
  7. Read the instructions about what to do with the token.lic file, and then click Finish.
  8. On a client computer that has Internet access, install the Manage Anywhere Studio 7.1 Agent.
  9. Once the Agent installation completes, copy mareg.exe and token.lic from the PCS to the Agent installation directory (located by default in C:\Program Files\Sybase\Manage Anywhere).
  10. Run mareg.exe on the Agent computer.
    It should recognize that there is a token.lic file in the same directory and display the MaReg dialog.
  11. Click Yes on the MaReg dialog.
    A confirmation dialog appears indicating that that the process is complete.
  12. Copy the license.lic file from the C:\Program Files\Sybase\Manage Anywhere\Archive\License directory to the same directory on the PCS, ensuring that you overwrite the existing license.lic file on the PCS.
  13. Reboot the Manage Anywhere Studio server to complete the activation.

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