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Risk Analytics Platform Overview

In recent years securities trading has been undergoing radical change due to both the availability of new technologies and changes in the regulatory environment. Decimalization,direct market access, rise in the number of ECNs in securities exchanges around the world and increases in the number of new, tradable financial instruments have all contributed to the explosion in the volume of securities data available. Advances in network and server technologies and in software have made possible the dramatic rise in the rate at which new data is delivered to trading desks. More data is available, along with a better analytical capability to transform data into actionable information, which in turn increases demand for more data at faster rates. Consequently, the rate at which trading and portfolio decisions are made has risen significantly with profound implications on the business process infrastructure. Model-driven, quantitative trading applications are replacing conventional trading desks. The search for profits is leading to investments that accelerate trading decisions, pre-trade analytics and trade order generation. However, this acceleration is not, as of yet, accompanied by a similar development in the infrastructure supporting risk monitoring and controls.

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