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Targeted CR List for ASE 12.5.3 ESD #7

The purpose of this document is to help Sybase customers obtain a general idea of potential bug fixes in future Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) EBF releases. Please be sure to read the Disclaimer and General Notes below.

Disclaimer: This document lists the targeted (not committed) fixed CR list for the release listed above. Please be aware that the purpose of this posting is solely to provide you, our customers with estimated release dates and targeted CR lists. Sybase does not commit to releasing EBFs on the specified dates or to including the CR fixes in the said EBF. While every effort will be made to meet the said targets, changes can occur at any time. It is also possible (although unlikely) that Sybase may decide not to release an EBF that was previously scheduled for release.

Bug ID Description
358859 A corrupt index may result with the root page having extra entries pointing to deallocated pages when an empty APL partitioned table is unsliced.
362540 The alter table command silently fails when referential integrity constraint has a non-existent database name.
370520 The functionality implemented under CR 316222 and extended under CR 400907 to improve the performance of DROP TABLE in temporary databases was active by trace flag 3706 at boot time or via DBCC TRACEON(3706). This enhancement now become the default ASE behaviour. Consequently by default ASE will release during the drop of user tables in tempdb the system catalog locks when not in DDL-IN-TRAN mode after the commit of the transaction but before post commit work started. The trace flag 3706 is therefore obsoleted. Should there be a need to turn off this enhancement then trace flag 3708 can be used.
385126 Under circumstances, when ASE is running java( configuration parameter: enable java = 1) with multiple engines online( number of engines > 1), server could hit SIGSEGV with a stacktrace including VMLiteral.
394825 Monitor Server in an SSL configuration may crash after several hours of running.
396136 Under rare circumstances the execution of DBCC CHECKSTORAGE may hang if the given scan workspace is very large.
401743 If user do not has permission to table syssrvoles, will get error message "SELECT permission denied on object syssrvoles, database master, owner dbo" when selecting permissions tab under a stored procedure that login owns in Sybase Central. This behavior is corrected so user can still access this tab and read permission for users and groups (roles is blocked).
409943 The audit sub-system unexpectedly causes empty beginxact/commitxact pairs in a database transaction log if the SELECT command is audited on a table and the transaction mode is 'chained'.
410174 sp_helpmaplogin truncates the display of client name and login name to 20 characters
410289 CIS: Insert text or image data into ASIQ 12.6 may cause a hang on ASE. The spid needs to be manually killed from another ISQL session.
415564 A 12323 Error, Level 20, State 7: "Internal error occured during rebuild of index id < indid > table < tabname > (id = < tabid > ) in database < dbid > while processing page < pageid > . Run dbcc checktable to see if the index is consistent." may sometimes occur when running online INDEX REORG REBUILD on a table having the first page empty and a lot of deleted rows in the table. This may sometimes be followed by a signal 11 and and/or memory corruption.
415813 Session cleanup processing can encounter an "engine affinity stack overflow" during Kerberos authentication processing if the client disconnects during a narrow processing window.
415945 A query violating cross database referentail integrity may sometimes fail to report referential integrity error. Instead of this a client session may get killed and the message reporting TDS packet synchronization problem will be displayed.
416182 INSERT into a table with a VARCHAR column may incorrectly leave trailing spaces in the VARCHAR column if the source of the data is a table with longer VARCHAR column.
416224 The following error may be seen in the ASE log: "Error 120510: ksmask__rpacket: Invalid tdslength value < length > ". This is usually caused when a non-TDS client connects to the port that ASE is using as its master listener, and sends data that is not in valid TDS format. An additional message will now accompany this message providing the IP address of the client in question, so that it can be tracked down. In addition, traceflag 7845 can be used to suppress these messages if they cause a nuisance.
416357 A 631 error, "The length of < value > passed to delete row routine for the row at offset < value > is incorrect on the following page ..." may be reported on Sysdevices when during the execution of a DISK MIRROR command a buffer pool whose size is greater than 2K bytes is used by ASE.
416634 ASE gets segmentation violation in sec_recv_params() during Kerberos client login when an unusually large security token is given by the client to ASE during authentication.
416965 In very rare circumstances the message "Infected with 11" together with module names "show_plan" can be encountered when using sp_showplan to look the plan of another process.
417301 The message "timeslice < negative number > , current process infected" maybe reported in the errorlog together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'ns_handle' and 'ns_prep_stmnt' if a batch including together a CREATE TABLE statement and a SELECT executing java was being executed and an error condition happened.
417308 An attempt to create a placement index for a DOL table being empty but having several allocated pages may fail with an error 3935 reading "Fatal protocol error. xact_beginupdate() API was invoked in the wrong context. The transaction is currently in 'Command-attached' state."
417707 In very rare circumstances, Adaptive Server may loop while allocating memory from procedure cache, and the looping SPID can not be killed.
417861 The following messages are seen in quick succession: 'ubo_object_from_slot:Sybproc Invalid slot id 0' followed by 'kernel current process (0xb000b0) infected with 11'.
417897 JS Schedule wizard and properties window display an error when trying to create a schedule with a 1 day interval, but restricted to selected days of the week or days of the month.
418099 In rare circumstances one or more ASE engines may remain non responsive after a Configurable Shared Memory Dump (CSMD) completes, causing an inability to connect to ASE. This issue does not apply to ASE running on the Windows platform.
418170 The message "current process infected with 11" maybe reported in the errorlog together with a stacktrace which includes one or more of the following modules: 'proc__free', 'procrm' or 'proc__grab' if many processes were concurrently executing tasks that requires some quantity of memory and to satisfy those requests some unused procedures had to be removed from Procedure Cache to free up memory.
418322 ASE running on the HPUX/Itanium platform does not retry i/o operations in the event that they are interrupted by signals from the operating system. This can result in an operation being reported as 'failed' when simply retrying the operation would result in success.
418459 While executing the jobs having job command text > 1800 characters, the jobs may not get executed and even jsagent process and Job Scheduler task in ASE may terminate. As a result of Job Scheduler task terminating, messages such as "Job Scheduler Task set to stop", "Job Scheduler Task was not stopped by a Task shutdown request" etc. appear in the errorlog file.
419007 If the Korean locale is used, Open Client and Open Server application will fail due to a missing 'escape' character in the file $SYBASE/locales/message/korean/libinsck.loc [copyright] message.
419085 Job Scheduler GUI: A Schedule's Between time option is not being saved when selected.
419279 Disable collection of data for the monOpenObjectActivity MDA table if a process encounters a stack overflow condition.
419343 DBCC CHECKTABLE will now report errors if these exist in the root key information area in the BTREE index root page.
419660 Under rare circumstances it may not be possible to drop a stored procedure, unless ASE is restarted, if a session failed to execute this stored procedure because of error 216 "Attempt to automatically drop temporary table failed." that was hit due to disk space shortage in a temporary database and ASE has also aknowledged an attention event (Control-C) emitted by this session following these errors.
419772 692, 695, 697 or 903 error etc might be returned for the load target database or other databases after load database, if the dump file is created by backupserver which is started with -m option and/or BLOCKSIZE option of DUMP command.
422003 A SELECT statement using a LIKE clause with NULL variables returns Msg 712.

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