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Beijing's 3-Tier Judiciary Courts

Beijing's 3-Tier Judiciary Courts

“Sybase’s advanced products and solutions enable the swift update of information and for it to be shared among all levels of judiciary courts. This dramatically increases the efficiency of the court’s system in managing court cases and daily operations. We are very satisfied with the system operation performance.”

Mr. Guiqing She
Head of Technology
Beijing’s People’s High Court

Higher tier judiciary courts in Beijing found that data was not updated sufficiently. This delayed statistical work meaning they could not effectively track and monitor cases. Using a combination of Sybase ASE, Sybase Replication Server, Sybase SQL Anywhere Studio and Sybase EAServer, the information of each judiciary court and each department can be exchanged in real-time, improving work efficiency.

Business Advantage

  • Beijing’s judiciary system has alleviated law enforcement officers from their heavy workload to better serve the and promote the economic development of the capital.

Key Benefits

  • Information exchange is accurate and timely
  • Reduces work load  
  • Information sharing is easy and convenient and inter-department collaboration further enhanced
  • Provides access to real-time status information concerning case proceedings
  • Supports mobile office   
  • Increases standardization
  • Enables a considerable amount of information to be reused, enhancing efficiency

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The Court Faced Challenges Using the Previous System
The judiciary system of Beijing comprises three tiers of judiciary courts totaling 21 in all. Each judiciary court manages its own cases using its own LAN and database server, and reports regularly to the higher tier judiciary courts. Due to its stringent information management requirements for daily operations, the system workload is heavy. Prior to the information system upgrade, the information system method was slow, efficiency in terms of operating and case resolution was fairly low and staff workloads too heavy.

To meet the requirements of a new era, Beijing’s judiciary system needed to quickly improve working efficiency and free law enforcement officers from their heavy workload, to better serve the and promote the economic development of their capital.

Sybase Steps In
The judiciary court information management system adopted Sybase for its leading synchronization technology to fully leverage its network computing and mobile computing capabilities. The court also used Sybase as its database server to support storage management for all service information. Sybase Replication Server was also employed to carry out data synchronization between upper and lower tier judiciary courts.

Using the Sybase enterprise solution, the court can now perform the entire tracking process for the sentencing service of the judiciary court, including the processes of registration, investigation and final sentence and filing, case transfer between upper and lower tier judiciary courts, and service integration, as well as the decision support system.

Sybase Helps Beijing's 3-Tier Judiciary Courts
Thanks to the smooth deployment of the solution, the information exchange produces decisive changes in the judiciary system's casework. It not only leads to significant savings in manpower and materials, but also greatly improves work efficiency.

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