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Targeted CR List for ASE 12.5.3 ESD #6

The purpose of this document is to help Sybase customers obtain a general idea of potential bug fixes in future Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) EBF releases. Please be sure to read the Disclaimer and General Notes below.

Disclaimer: This document lists the targeted (not committed) fixed CR list for the release listed above. Please be aware that the purpose of this posting is solely to provide you, our customers with estimated release dates and targeted CR lists. Sybase does not commit to releasing EBFs on the specified dates or to including the CR fixes in the said EBF. While every effort will be made to meet the said targets, changes can occur at any time. It is also possible (although unlikely) that Sybase may decide not to release an EBF that was previously scheduled for release.

Bug ID Description
128608 Incorrect usage of Disk Mirror command throws Error 5101 with obsolete optional parameters. The syntax displayed is DISK MIRROR NAME=" < name > ", MIRROR=" < device > " [,WRITES={noserial | serial}] [,READS={mirrored | nomirrored}], [,CONTIGUOUS]. Here, parameter < [,READS={mirrored| nomirrored}] > is obsolete.
335572 Referential integrity may not be enforced for UPDATE or INSERT query if the query is executed with the option SET ROWCOUNT.
340658 In "Disk I/O Management" section of sp_sysmon output, we may find wrong values on Device Semaphore Granted/Waited fields if there is a skipped vdevno and async disk I/Os are delayed.
346231 A filelist has been added to the image at $IMAGE_ROOT/manifest.txt listing all the files that will be installed by this EBF.
368656 Enhance DBCC CHECKTABLE for empty ALLPAGES LOCKED, SLICED tables to report error if the root page of the index has extraneous entries pointing to deallocated pages even though the table is empty.
369201 In rare circumstances, 3223 and 3208 error is returned when ASE reads the dump header for cross-platform database load, if the database has many disk fragments in Sysusages. The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'lddb__stat_translate' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'lddb__unscr_stat_page' may be reported in the error log, when loading a database across platform, if the database has an orphan row in Sysstatistics.
370364 Make SQLDBGR to be JDBC3.0 compliant.
370870 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'kbfalloc' may be reported in the error log when using network packet size greater than the configured value of "default network packet size".
375559 On MacOS X, if JAVA_HOME environment is not set, sqldbgr reports "Unknown platform!" error.
380171 CIS: When a setuser command has been issued on the session, create proxy_table command will fail with Msg 911 and 11206.
381343 System stored procedure sp_who may incorrectly report login name for a session executing stored procedure if the stored procedure is being recompiled and the procedure executor does not own the procedure being executed.
388430 sp_estspace output is incorrect for APL tables with short rows on wide page size. There is a limit of 256 rows per page that the code does not account for.
392070 A process may deadlocked with itself on an allocation page latch following a log full condition (1105 error). This connection may then block other connections needing the same latch or other locks this session holds.
396229 An application error in transaction nesting leads to a segmentation fault with message 3934 "Transaction manager has detected a nesting failure. Number of BEGIN TRAN commands (issued after an attach operation) do not match the number of COMMIT TRAN commands (issued before a detach operation)". A stack trace with module finish_xact() will be found in the errorlog.
396811 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'lddb__stat_translate' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'lddb__unscr_stat_page' may be reported in the error log, when loading a database across platform, if the database has an orphan row in syssatistics.
397155 A login attempt into ASE may fail with a 1601 error after several recurring 709 errors have been raised because of procedure cache memory shortage.
398200 When the sampling option is used for UPDATE STATISTICS, existing multi-attribute density values may not be reused. With this fix, range density and total density will be calculated from the sampled dataset, unless existing values were from a full scan of data.
401012 An interrupt during an open cursor statement involving a light weight procedure may lead to a stacktrace in the errorlog with functions curs_release(), close_range(), sortend().
401149 CIS: Ctrl-C on rpc mapped to a remote procedure will not cancel the execution of the remote procedure if it does not execute any SQL queries on the tables.
402171 (OPTIMIZER) The estimated total cost of the final plan as displayed by the output of traceflag 310 may be incorrect in the case of a query with joins on more than 4 tables.
403600 On HP-UX Itanium platform, the stacktrace in case of a crash doesn't include all the frames and may also report wrong function names even though we have the correct instruction pointer.
403842 In rare circumstances the message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'senderror' may be reported in the error log together with a stack trace when executing a prepared dynamic statement.
403979 Enables CTLIB API checking for dataserver. This is done through Traceflag 11297.
404493 A 953 error may be unexpectedly raised while running the 'LOAD DATABASE' command for the master database, if ever one of the database living on the master device has been extended onto another disk device.
404643 CIS: When an error occurs while inserting data into proxy tables within a local transaction, it results in partial commits on remote pre-DTM servers.
404755 An unexpected 515 error, "Attempt to insert NULL value into column 'column', table 'table_name'; column does not allow nulls" may be raised when executing an INSERT statement inside a stored procedure and the option STRING_RTRUNCATION is ON and the value to be inserted only contains blanks.
404919 When executing system stored procedure sp_helpdb and the option QUOTED_IDENTIFIER has been set some unexpected errors may be raised and the procedure will fail.
405118 Query performing view materialization using parallel strategy may return incorrect results.
405996 CIS: "create proxy_table" which maps onto a remote server supporting DECIMAL identity might result in message 11246 "Precision or scale mismatch in remote object..."
406314 The changes included in OCS 12.5.1 ESD#10 include fixes for the following issues: SCL/Kerberos memory leaks on successful connections when using MIT Kerberos, CR 385928. After many hundreds or thousands of successful Kerberos connections, memory leak resulted in memory allocation errors in the errorlog and authentication errors returned to clients. The memory allocation errors reported: "Security Control Layer's memory allocation routine returned an error." An API change occurred to OCS internal functions used by Security Control Layer (SCL) drivers called by ASE. The request ID changed to type long to handle 64bit request ID used by SCL and DCL drivers. CR 384600, the associated OCS fix, avoids a segmentation violation that can occur on 64 bit platforms when using Kerberos or Directory Services lookups.
406606 New sybmon command 'showrecovery' to print recovery information for a given database.
406623 SCL error messages are not available to display on engine 1 and greater. Instead of the text message explaining the error that occured, the following message appears: 01:00000:00049:2005/10/12 15:59:25.84 kernel Failed to get the Connectivity Library (Security Control Layer) error message.
406840 A stored procedure with the SQL query with an aggregate in the having clause may fail to execute correctly raising error 2805 "Bad pointer 0x3294d04 encountered while remapping stored procedure" or the execution may be broken and stack trace logged in the errorlog file. Module "proc__mkworkrg" should be referenced in the backtrace.
406960 On a 64-bit platform, stored procedure "sp_helpjava" cannot display correct serialVersionUID.
407008 There could be more reasons for Large I/O to be denied as compared to what is displayed in sp_sysmon o/p as has been indicated in cr 256785
407088 Cross-platform load incorrectly fails to convert or initialize unallocated pages. In rare cases, the unconverted page contents may mislead recovery at some time in the future.
407235 Sub-optimal performance for a query with a WHERE clause contianing col1 IS NULL AND col2 = < value > , with an index in col1, col2 and a high number of rows with col1 is NULL.
407262 User datatype information is not correctly send in the TDS packet for cross database queries on tables with columns based on user defined datatypes.
407265 Under circumstances, when ASE is running multiple engines and more than 50 connections, doing java functionality, the JVM use to throw various stacktraces when it calls GarbageCollector for recollecting memory.
407433 Rep Agent returns error 9254 and 9204 after cross-platform database load.
407533 DBCC ORPHANTABLES may fail to clean up an orphaned temporary table that resides in a temporary database whose ID is different from the current session's temporary database ID.
407576 CIS: Error message 3708, "Cannot drop < table_name > because it is a system table." and message 2601, "Attempt to insert duplicate key row in < object_name > with unique index" may be reported when executing a CREATE DATABASE ... FOR PROXY_UPDATE against MSSQL backend.
407746 Adaptive Server running on RH3.0 64bit distribution occasionally hangs due to Red Hat kernel bug when kernel asynchronous I/O is enabled. The problem is fixed in RH kernel patch 2.4.21-27.6.EL or higher.
407837 When JVM is active( enable java =1) and ASE has multiple online engines, stacktraces might occur after Garbage collection.
407981 Error 515 is raised despite presence of default on column and use of DEFAULT keyword in the values list when insert statement includes list of column names.
408142 If a user task is moved from execution class EC0 (critical priority) to a non-critical priority class, the change is not immediate for that process, only on subsequent login.
408209 During shutdown, the XP Server was consuming all available CPU time due to a difference between Mac OS X 10.3.x and 10.4.x. A system function (dlclose())was returning failure, as expected, in 10.3.x, but was always returning success in 10.4.
408726 CIS : When the UPDATE STATISTICS command is issued immediately upon creation of a proxy table containing clusterd index in an Allpages lock scheme, an erroneous entry in SYSTABSTATS with column id 0 (object id) will be created and the ASE internal housekeeper task may monopolize the CPU utilization to 100%. During ASE shutdown, an error message 6008, "Unable to write statistics for object < objid > in database < dbid > . Please run update statistics on this table after boot-up or prior to accessing the table next time" will be reported in the errorlog. Once ASE that contains this fix has been started/rebooted, the entry in SYSTABSTATS with id = 0 should also be manually deleted.
408736 Client application based on DBLibrary API and executing UPDATE statements using the TSEQUAL() function may fail and the client server connection gets broken with TDS protocol errors. This is due to the extra result set sent by tsequal() builtin which may not be correctly handling by DBLibrary API.
408860 In rare circumstances, running OPTDIAG with simulate statistics -i < input_filename > option might cause the optdiag binary to crash, if the input file is missing the title for the "default data cache".
409321 A presence of the named CHECK constraint in the temporary table definition prohibits creation of multiple instances of the table. User will see error 2714 with the message "There is already an object named 'constraint name' in the database." when attempting to create a temporary table.
409605 If user enters blank schedule for a job, the job scheduler task within ASE terminates and job scheduler stops working.
409645 CIS: CREATE INDEX options IGNORE_DUP_KEY and IGNORE_DUP_ROW are not ignored when executing an INSERT or UPDATE query to a proxy table in a remote ASE.
409864 For Adaptive Server Enterprise running on HP-UX systems with asynchronous I/O enabled, if /dev/async runs out of free ports, any attempt to online an engine causes ASE to shut down.
414519 JS Agent may sometimes stop or/and report errors like "Failed to allocate memory for job output data row", "Failed to allocate memory for job output header" etc., in the JS Agent log file and bring down the Job Scheduler due to memory leaks in JSAgent.
414618 Query selecting from a view with UNION may fail with error 104: "Order-by items must appear in the select-list if the statement contains set operators." if in the parent query ORDER BY clause is used on the view column which is not present in the parent's query SELECT list.
414775 When a stored procedure fails then the error handling procedure tries to read the sysattributes table. But if the stored procedure itself failed because of a failure accessing sysattributes then the error handler can be triggered recursively leading to an infinite loop. The requirement to read sysattributes has now been removed from the error handler
415236 The error 8240 with the message : "The table 'table_name' in database 'db_name' is being created and the transaction has not been committed yet. Please retry the query later." may be raised if the parallel query is executed on a table created in the same transaction.
415595 If SYSGAMS is extended as part of an ALTER DATABASE command in a server configured with pagesizes greater than 2K, wrong page numbers will be found in the newly allocated extent for SYSGAMS.
415701 If table data copy fails on a table with an identity column, Migration tool may issue the error: "Unable to 'SET IDENTITY_INSERT' for table ' < tablename > ' because IDENTITY_INSERT or IDENTITY_UPDATE is already ON" on subsequent tables.
416412 In rare circumstances an ASE task my terminate with a timeslice error while a configurable shared memory dump (CSMD) is being generated. This problem does not apply to ASE running on the Windows platform.
416519 Stored procedure executing INSERT statement into a temporaray table from the remote table may fail with error 208 "Object not found" referencing the temporary table if the system is configured to use multiple temporaray databases.
418099 In rare circumstances one or more ASE engines may remain non responsive after a Configurable Shared Memory Dump (CSMD) completes, causing an inability to connect to ASE. This issue does not apply to ASE running on the Windows platform.
418696 JVM performance degrades after applying ESD #4 or ESD #5 on all platforms excluding sgi, hp and solaris 64-bit.

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