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Fast Track to SySAM 2.0


According to industry analysts, IT asset management will rank as one of the top five priorities for CIOs in 2006. Historically, tools for managing IT assets and the IT organizational infrastructure have lacked the sophistication required to manage business challenges such as consolidation and compliance. Tracking database usage electronically has become one of the most requested features to meet these challenges. Given that IT assets account for the largest proportion of overall IT spending, organizations are seeking ways to ensure these assets are properly managed and maintained.

The new version of the licensing system, SySAM 2.0 allows you to monitor license usage, use reporting tools to obtain metrics, and automate software delivery and deployment.

This white paper explains the basics of the SySAM 2.0 licensing system and outlines the benefits for users and license administrators. Based on Macrovision’s FLEXnet Licensing, SySAM 2.0 allows software licenses to be available (or float) anywhere on a network—as opposed to assigning them to specific machines. This enables users to make more efficient use of fewer licenses by sharing them on the network; and this feature allows license administrators to control both application use as well as the machines where the licenses are available.

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