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1 Introduction
2 Group by clause extensions
  2.1 Group by Grouping Sets
    2.1.1 Using the GROUPING() function
  2.2 Group by Rollup and Cube
    2.2.1 Group by Rollup
    2.2.2 Equivalence of Rollup with Grouping Sets
    2.2.3 Group by Cube
3 Statistical aggregate functions
  3.1 Standard deviation and variance
  3.2 Correlation and linear regression
    3.2.1 Goodness-of-fit statistic
    3.2.2 Regression and correlation functions
4 Window functions
  4.1 Defining the window
  4.2 Ranking functions
    4.2.1 The DENSE_RANK() function
    4.2.2 Other ranking functions
  4.3 Numbering rows
  4.4 Window aggregate functions
A BNF Grammar for OLAP Functions

List of Tables

1 Simple aggregate functions
2 Statistical aggregate functions
3 Additional regression measures

List of Figures

1 Schematic of a 3-row moving window with partitioned input
2 Graphical plan for the query in Example 24
3 Graphical plan for the main query block in Example 25
4 Graphical plan for the subquery in Example 25
5 Execution plan of the query from Example 26, using a window function

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