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"Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise offers the most flexibility and knobs to tune for high performance. If you know Sybase very well, you can beat any other database solution on the market."

Amit Okhandiar

SubscriberMail, a provider of e-marketing tools and services, needed to improve the performance of its database transactions and queries. Using Sybase® technology, it increases performance, scalability, security and manageability, the company switched to Sybase® technology on the Linux platform.

Business Advantage

Key Benefits

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Outgrowing a Slow Server
SubscriberMail enables organizations to develop and deliver email marketing campaigns through a sophisticated Web-based system. The company hired mLogica—a consulting services company for enterprise software—to analyze SubscriberMail's system, based on Microsoft SQL Server, which was reaching capacity several times a day and causing customers to experience slow performance.

Dan Swartz, president of SubscriberMail, said the problems began at the foundation of the system supported by SQL Server. "Performance of database transactions and queries was poor, and it was affecting business," he said. "CPU utilizations were high, and we were running short on memory, with poor input/output performance. Our business was growing rapidly, and we were concerned about the incumbent application's scalability and how that would affect us in the future."    

Analysis Phase
During mLogica's analysis phase, Swartz saw the writing on the wall as SubscriberMail's system and database performance continued to deteriorate. "We engaged mLogica to perform an analysis of our current systems and database architecture using its mSecure product, a systems monitoring and management solution, and to give us recommendations for a next-generation architecture," Swartz said. 

The next step for mLogica's architects was to evaluate Swartz's conclusion and determine if the approach he suggested was feasible for SubscriberMail. Some of the mLogica management team and lead architects are former Sybase employees as well as experts in Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and Sybase technologies. 

The architects believed that the criteria defined by Swartz were best served with a solution based on Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) and Linux. "ASE offers the most flexibility and knobs to tune for high performance. If you know Sybase very well, you can beat any other database solution on the market," said Amit Okhandiar, president of mLogica. 
Swartz agreed. "mLogica's recommendation was Sybase ASE database on the Linux platform for our future growth plan. We decided to strongly consider that idea, based on Amit's passion for the solution and his assurances that it would be successful."

ASE on Linux the Best Choice
Tom Traubitz, Sybase product management director, explained why Sybase ASE on Linux will outperform Microsoft SQL Server in mission-critical projects. "First of all, it's cheaper," Traubitz said. "The typical project can be done for 34 percent less with ASE's Linux-based solution as opposed to SQL Server."

Second, added Traubitz, is performance. "ASE is designed to meet the most-demanding needs of the world's biggest customers," he noted, citing Wall Street financial giants and U.S. intelligence agencies among its satisfied customers. The versatile Sybase ASE works in conjunction with all four UNIX flavors, whereas SQL Server functions only on Windows or Windows NT.

Making a Choice
When analyzing how to best help SubscriberMail, Okhandiar looked at products from Sybase, Intel and Apple, based on hardware, architecture, performance and scalability for the long term. "The best thing about Sybase, and what I see as its differentiator, is that its database products are tunable, flexible and versatile," he said. With help from the Sybase value-added reseller (VAR) sales and technical team, Okhandiar encouraged SubscriberMail to go with Sybase.

"While we were analyzing the incumbent system, fixing the crashes, exploring solutions and evaluating alternatives, our relationship with SubscriberMail grew from that of consultant to trusted adviser and we were building toward becoming a strategic partner with them," Okhandiar said. "All that was enhanced by the help we received from the Sybase team. They provided all the support we could have hoped for." 

Immediate Benefits
Sybase executives were among the first to have their company widely deploy Linux and remain committed to maintaining its leadership in performance for enterprise-class relational database management systems on Linux, based on testing of Sybase ASE. 

"Sybase was the first to deliver an enterprise-class relational database management system on Linux, in 1999, and since then we have remained focused on helping enterprises fulfill the promise of the operating system with both lower hardware and management costs," said Dr. Raj Nathan, senior vice president and general manager of Sybase's Infrastructure Platform Group. 

"Based on this experience, SubscriberMail will look to Sybase first for high-availability solutions," Swartz concludes.

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