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Targeted CR List for ASE 12.5.3 ESD #4

The purpose of this document is to help Sybase customers obtain a general idea of potential bug fixes in future Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) EBF releases. Please be sure to read the Disclaimer.

Disclaimer: This document lists the targeted (not committed) fixed CR list for the release listed above. Please be aware that the purpose of this posting is solely to provide you, our customers with estimated release dates and targeted CR lists. Sybase does not commit to releasing EBFs on the specified dates or to including the CR fixes in the said EBF. While every effort will be made to meet the said targets, changes can occur at any time. It is also possible (although unlikely) that Sybase may decide not to release an EBF that was previously scheduled for release.

Bug IDDescription
321884 For a newly created device, 'dsync' property could be true even when it is specified to be false in 'disk init' command. This happens when a device with dsync=true property is dropped followed by addition of a new device with dsync=false using "disk init".
326158 When stored procedure text is send to ASE containing multiple keywords like CREATE TABLE, all control characters (like space etc.) except for the last control character between these keywords are not saved in syscomments.
351077 In an Active/Passive HA configuration, a Backup Server process remains on primary node even though failover is successful.
356894 Issue the message reporting that there are insufficient spinlock monitors to monitor all allocated spinlocks only once for each time the server is booted.
359486 sp_poolconfig may not set wash size correctly.
364652 An 8210 error, "Duplicate of work table descriptor found in the id hash table for temporary object ..." may be reported when executing an INSERT ...SELECT DISTINCT query that involves a referential contraint and the SELECT part of the query has a subquery which is resolved using reformatting strategy.
368607 While the ASE is booted with the compressed backup enable (traceflag 4059 on), attempt to dump on the '/dev/null' device will be successfull. Ideally any dump on '/dev/null' should fail.
369217 sp_sysmon may show us wrong "Total Cache Turnover" if sort order is case insensitive, such as nocase_iso_1.
369253 Improve ASE's network infrastructure to prevent an inability to connect to ASE resulting from a hung engine.
370033 Enhance the buffer manager to remove certain racing conditions when recycling buffers in the LRU/MRU chain in data caches using "strict lru" strategy.
374917 Remote RPC fails with error 7221, remote server signal 11 in nl_gettrustedhandle() when unfied logins is set up on the ASE servers involved.
375564 DB-Lib clients may crash or get errors: "Unknown fixed-length datatype encountered." or "Bad token from SQL Server: Datastream processing out of sync." when executing Extended Procedures such as xp_cmdshell.
375799 HA VCS: Possible corner case error in detection of host details belonging to a service group
375871 HA IBM HACMP: When configuring ASE for High Availability with IBM HACMP, username and password of the user with sa_role and ha_role is stored in ASE_HA.sh script in clear text format.
376647 SELECT ... COUNT( < cnt_col > ) INTO < new_tab > from ... GROUP BY ... results in a column with the same type as cnt_col instead of int.
380102 sp_reportstats doesn't report chargeback accounting statistics for users with sa_role
381170 A 551 error, "An unknown EVAL was sent to the execution module" or signal 11 in modules like 'qualpage' or 'do__groups' may be reported in the error log for a query with two GROUP BY clauses; in the main query and in a subquery, when it is executed in parallel.
382241 A SELECT statement might run very slowly when a BIT column is involved in the WHERE clause. This could now be resolved by turning on traceflag 15303.
382806 sp_addtype does not support the new feature allowing IDENTITY with INTEGER datatypes.
383069 In some cases, the message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'constree' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'com_resdoms' and 'com_query' may be reported in the error log when referencing a column more than once and that column is defined as a subquery within a view.
384234 In multi engine scenario running a "disk resize" on an engine other than the one on which device has been initilized fails with an error 5166.
384749 Changed IPv6 supportive code using Sun Solaris deprecated run-time functions into the IETF designed primitives which are generic for all platforms.
384779 In rare circumstances a 701 error, "There is not enough procedure cache to run this procedure, trigger, or SQL batch. Retry later, ..." may be reported for queries that need to allocate memory chunks larger than 2 Kb (for example queries with long strings), while there is still memory available in each engine's local memory cache.
385166 The error 3702 "Cannot drop the table '# < temp_table > ' because it is currently in use." may be raised followed by error 216 "Attempt to automatically drop temporary table failed." when sp_spaceused or OAM builtins are used concurrently with sessions dropping their temporary objects.
385559 A 703 error: "There is not enough procedure cache to run this procedure, trigger, or SQL batch" may sometimes be raised if too many sort buffers have been configured with respect to the available procedure cache. This CR adds a recommendation to retry with lesser sort buffers.
386172 HA VCS: Auxiliary server online operation is incorrectly reported and offline operation fails
387023 Queries containing many aggregates and at least one AVG() may return incorrect results or fail with a stack trace on 64bit platform.
387121 HA: On ASE HA Active/Passive configuration with Sun Cluster 3.x environment, if a child ASE monitor process (ase_monitor) dies, a parent ASE monitor process restarts ASE.
387287 When sampling for update statistics is enabled and the index/column does not have existing statistics, then the resulting join density and total density are set to a default value of 0.1. Traceflag 2703 is now provided such that when the traceflag is turned on, the join and total density will be gathered from the sample instead of being set to the default value.
387313 LOAD DATABASE has a new option, WITH VERIFY[ONLY] [= HEADER | FULL ]. This performs basic page header sanity checks (HEADER) and both page header checks and intra-page row checks (FULL) on every page loaded. If VERIFYONLY is used, the pages are read and checked from the dump archive but they are not copied onto the database devices.
387421 A stored procedure that has a statement whose execution requires a work table creation, may encounter remapping problems when the statement is executed using the pass through mode on a remote server and the local server has multiple temporary databases defined. The problem will manifest with the message "current process ... infected with 11" in module proc__reset_wktbl().
387469 HA SC 3.x: If a parent ase_monitor is dead after a child ase_monitor is dead, ase_monitor processes do not wake up and nobody monitors dataserver process.
387711 Recompilation of a stored procedure containing a statement with correlated subquery in the HAVING clause may lead to different errors indicating query tree corruption.
387878 Query with index joins may execute very slowly.
388018 In rare circumstances, the ONLINE DATABASE command fails with a 2610 error after a cross-platform database load. To avoid this error, run "dbcc traceon(3199)", reload the dump and online the database using "ONLINE DATABASE".
388267 After failover is complete, sometimes a child ase_monitor process still remains on primary node.
388401 Sybmon dump with ASE 12.5.2 ESD#2 on Windows platform fails. ASE reports seek error in errorlog similar to 'File positioning failed (4).Seek offset: 828964864'
388427 The message "current process infected with 11 in expand_ALL_nodes" is printed in the ASE errorlog together with a stacktrace containing the modules 'd_upgradeobj', 's_normalize' and 'u_view_driver' when executing the command DBCC UPGRADE_OBJECT() on a stored procedure containing a view having a SELECT * on a table which is dropped and recreated before executing the actual DBCC command.
388475 On the Windows platform, issuing the xp command "xp_cmdshell 'type long.txt'" where long.txt is a text file with a very long line ( > 255 characters) of text and no final carriage return, will result in the text file being repeatedly typed in an infinite loop
389076 The message "current process infected with 11" may be raised in module bufdlink() when the sysindexes system catalog and the database where it resides are bound to different named caches, and when the clustered index of sysindexes is not explicitly bound to a named cache.
389129 Error 511 "Attempt to update or insert row failed because resultant row of size < value > bytes is larger than the maximum size ( < value > bytes) allowed for this table..." may be raised during the execution of a stored procedure using the reformatting strategy and the creation of a DOL (Datarows Only Locking) work table. Alternatively the error 9561 "An insert or update to table 'temp worktable' places column '(unknown column)' at offset < value > ..." may be raised.
389302 Sqlupgrade may report "Error fetching results for query: ... CREATE TABLE spt_committab... " after "Running installcommit script", likewise the installcommit script may report error 2714, "There is already an object named 'spt_committab' in the database."
390136 An INSERT ... SELECT query that uses the TOP delimiter will unexpectedly insert zero rows in the target table.
390450 ASE has supported Apple's service discovery mechanism, previously called Rendezvous (and now called BonJour) since ASE version This service allowed client programs to discover the location of a server, and connect to it, without having to configure the server in an interfaces file. However, services could only be discovered on the same subnet as the client. Since Mac OS X 10.3, the Rendezvous (BonJour) API has been updated to allow domain-wide service registration and service discovery. To enable domain-wide service registration within ASE, first set an environment variable in the RUN_servername command file at $SYBASE/ASE-12_5/install. The environment variable is BONJOUR_DOMAIN. For example: set BONJOUR_DOMAIN sybase.com. ; export BONJOUR_DOMAIN This feature is also available for Backup Server and XP Server, and is triggered by the same environment variable.
390627 The error 4821 "Identity value overflow error" may be unexpectedly raised during the insertion of rows with the BCP utility, if the target table had its schema changed earlier to gain an IDENTITY column and one or more non nullable column(s). This error would manifest only if the given columns were added through a single ALTER TABLE command.
390802 The boot time message "Database < DBNAME > is now online." may be unexpectedly printed twice in the ASE errorlog for "model", "sybsystemdb", and "tempdb" system databases.
390932 HA VCS: During failover, dataserver process is not killed if shutdown is not successful. This can result in failback operation failure with error "Agent is unable to offline resource. Administrative intervention may be required."
390936 HA VCS: Offline operation may timeout and fail because, under high load conditions, ASE waits indefinitely for the server to complete all transactions on shutdown with wait.
391170 HA VCS: Clean operation generates "Illegal division by zero at sybhautil.pm line 1258" error.
391901 A 2630 error "In database ' < value > ', page < value > is linked backward to page < value > , but that page is linked forward to page < value > ." may sometimes be encountered while several sessions are running concurrent DELETEs on the same DATA_ONLY LOCKED table in a multi-engine environment.
392262 On (32-bit Linux) RH AS 2.1 or RHEL 3.0, the operating system ignores requests from ASE to bypass the file system cache for file system database devices. This can result in modified data pages not flushed to disk when ASE thinks the data is on disk. In cases where there is a power failure or other system crash, these modifications may be lost leading to data corruption.
392492 The message current process infected with 11 in vu_fixupvar is printed in the errorlog together with a stacktrace containing the modules 'vu_fixupview', 'vu_addviewqual' and 'pre_aggview' when executing a SELECT containing a subquery in the select-list, a derived table expression in the FROM clause and another subquery in the WHERE-clause.
393368 The message "Invalid column length: < xx > . Value must be between 0 and 30 for 'all-pages' row with minimum row length of < xx > ." is printed in the errorlog together with a stacktrace containing the modules 'insert_index_row', 'ncupdate' and 'obj_newrow' when executing CREATE TABLE < identifier > , whereby the identifier is > 30 bytes using a multibyte character set.
393542 In rare circumstances, a 692 or other similar error may be reported on the master database when restarting Adaptive Server after a earlier abnormal termination or SHUTDOWN WITH NOWAIT.
394750 Killing a spid with status "MAINTENANCE TOKEN" during login authentication with Kerberos when traceflag 7844 is used, blocks all Kerberos activity on the engine. A dataserver should be run with traceflag 7844 when MIT 1.3 Kerberos libraries are used to workaround concurrency problems within the MIT Kerberos client libraries.
394754 The Adaptive Server Enterprise 32-bit Express Edition on Linux has the 2GB memory configuration and hence the configuration 'enable extended cache' is not a valid option for the server.
394880 An Infected with 11 stacktrace containing functions omni_getnext and exec_eop is generated when a query uses an aggregate function against a DATE column in a proxy table defined against an ASIQ table.
394927 A 221 message, "Column of type (BIT) does not allow nulls. It may not be compared with null." is raised when assigning the result of SELECT to a variable of type BIT. The SELECT is from a view with a UNION ALL clause with a select-list having a column of type BIT.
395858 In rare circumstances the message "ubo_object_from_slot:Pss Invalid slot id 0" together with a stack trace that includes the modules 'ubo_object_from_slot', 'pss_getunkept_pss', 'lock_vsema' and 'log__unlock' may be reported when many transactions are active within a database and at least one of these is a transaction that is externally coordinated by XA, MSDTC or a remote Adaptive Server (a transactional RPC).
396266 The message "infected with 11 in s_is_cachable" is printed in the errorlog together with a stacktrace containing the modules 's_normalize' and 'sequencer' when executing a query performing an INSERT into a temporary table based and on a SELECT with a UNION clause whereby the last SELECT contains a subquery.
397359 The error 632 "Attempt to move memory with an incorrect length of < len > . Maximum allowed length is < maxlen > ." will now be raised during garbage collection of index leaf pages if the length of memory being moved goes beyond a page boundary, instead of silently trashing the data cache.
397539 The recovery task may appear to hang forever executing the functions 'at_do_reserve', 'pg_oam_pagecounts' and 'pg_recalcoam' after loading a database dump which was taken on a very active ASE environment.
397700 ASE Job Scheduler fails to execute jobs scheduled to repeat with an interval greater than approximately 25 minutes.
398110 Transactional queries involving remote tables may hang on Windows platform configured with SSL when trace flag 3431 is used.
398675 The error 874 "Process < spid > is trying to unkeep buffer < buf_addr > (dbid: < dbid > , pageno: < pageno > ) without releasing the < type > latch it holds on the buffer." may be raised when an interrupt is received by a query on a Data-Only-Locked table using the isolation level 3 (serializable) and performing a backward scan.
398897 The output from sp_sysmon system stored procedure may report incorrect values for the "Free" counters in the section "Metadata Cache Management".
399320 Make the network listener immune to non fatal errors.
399374 An incorrect RETURN status may be sent by Adaptive Server when executing a dynamic SQL statement which had to be internally recompiled, for example, due to a schema change for some of objects referenced by the statement.
400177 Add Powerdesigner and Infomaker back into the ASE 12.5.3 pcclient image.
400309 Client applications requesting the ipaddr receives 64 characters instead of 15, potentially breaking a client application. This problem may appear on all platforms in 12.5.3 ESD#3 and the 12.5.3a GA releases.
400907 Improve the performance of drop table in tempdb by extending the functionality implemented under CR 316222 to the drop of user objects in tmpdb. CR 316222 released the system catalog locks when not in DDL-IN-TRAN mode after the commit of the transaction but before post commit work started; this enhancement is triggered by -T3706 either at boot time or via DBCC TRACEON(3706).
401153 sp_syntax does not include mount/unmount command help. The ins_syn_sql script is now included to complete the resolution of CR 350291.
402355 The message, process infected with 11 in 'proc__setdb_derived_table' is printed in the errorlog together with a stacktrace containing the modules 's_getTreeOrPlan', 'proc_setdb' and 'proc__setdb_tree' when a SELECT statement containing a derived table expression is executed. ASE must be configured with user defined tempdbs and statement cache on.
402986 Installjsdb released with ASE 1253 ESD#3 on Mac OS is an incorrect version and causes Job Scheduler not to function on Mac. This affects only Mac OS platform. ASE reports in errorlog messages like "Incorrect Job Scheduler sequencer version found within 'sybmgmtdb'", "Job Scheduler can not operate, Expected 0:27:27, Actual 0:26:26", "Job Scheduler failed installing its required sequencer code", "Job Scheduler Task failed to initialize", "Job Scheduler Task state set to stop".
403071 Update auditinit for sunx86 platform. Previous release has incorrectly shipped auditinit from other platform.
403075 Update auditinit for HPIA64 platform. Previous release has incorrectly shipped auditinit from other platform.

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