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Targeted CR List for ASE 12.5.3 ESD #3

The purpose of this document is to help Sybase customers obtain a general idea of potential bug fixes in future Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) EBF releases. Please be sure to read the Disclaimer and General Notes below.

Disclaimer: This document lists the targeted (not committed) fixed CR list for the release listed above. Please be aware that the purpose of this posting is solely to provide you, our customers with estimated release dates and targeted CR lists. Sybase does not commit to releasing EBFs on the specified dates or to including the CR fixes in the said EBF. While every effort will be made to meet the said targets, changes can occur at any time. It is also possible (although unlikely) that Sybase may decide not to release an EBF that was previously scheduled for release.

Bug IDDescription
189103 When a DROP DATABASE command deadlocks with another command due to a concurrent access to the Sysdatabases system table, the related database is being mistakenly considered as being dropped. This may affect the CHECKPOINT task from truncating the Syslogs system table of some databases that have the option 'trunc log on chkpt' turned on.
327025 DBCC TEXTALLOC("all", full, nofix/fix) has been enhanced to detect/make correction for 100007 hard faults on text/image extents raised by DBCC CHECKSTORAGE.
335588 When insert large index rows (that each page can only hold 3 rows), the index splitting may cause index level increase linearly with the number of row inserted, soon it will run out of the max index level.
350291 sp_syntax does not include mount/unmount command help
355057 When there is a rollback transaction as a part of a stored procedure, and we try to debug that stored procedure using the sql debugger, we may hit a null pointer exeception. Stacktrace with the following modules may be seen on the errorlog: sqldbg__sendtrace, dbgrpc_control. sql debugger will flag an error message like the following (sqldbg) next SQLException: JZ0SG: CallableStatement ·µ»ØµÄÊä³ö²Ã?Êý±ÈÓ¦ÓóÌÃòÃ?ªÖ®×¢²áµÄÒªÉÙ¡£ (sqldbg) next SQLException: JZ006: ²¶»ñµ½ IO ÀýÃâ:com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybConnectionDeadException: JZ0C0: ì½ÓÒѹرա£
362460 When a subquery appears in the ON clause of a Transact-SQL outer join query, the performance may not be efficient. A new traceflag 15302 is now available such that when the traceflag is enabled, ASE will do optimization for subquery attachment to achieve more favorable performance.
364568 During a cofigured shared memory dump, ASE may print that it is dumping a negative number of bytes. Additionally, some messages related configured shared memory dumps do not print the correct unit (i.e. "bytes").
365657 On Solaris, with ASE 12.5.1/ESD#2 or later, using tli type entries in interfaces file used by ASE, when a spid within ASE is killed ('kill < spid > ') it could result in ASE hang. pstack (unix command) on ASE pid would show functions-kill_proc, drop_connection, tli_nclose, _tx_getinfo, _t_do_ioctl, ioctl
369510 The backup of database dumps taken on Tru64 platform does not load on other platforms such as Linux 32 on Intel, Solaris 32 or 64bit, etc. As a side effect of this fix, compatibility from older dump on Tru64 is not kept. To workaround incompatibility issue, you could use trace flag -D128 with the backupserver binary. This way you would be able to load older dumps.
370015 Memory to track a job which has a timeout value remains allocated even after the job instance has completed or been terminated (without having expired its timeout value), causing memory usage to steadily grow.
372930 A 701 error, "There is not enough procedure cache to run this procedure, trigger, or SQL batch..." may be reported after running many client or language cursors in a server configured to use Abstract Plans in "capture" or "apply" modes.
376063 UNION query will not be executed in a parallel mode if at least one side of the UNION statement is accessing system table.
377369 Message 209, Level 16, State 3: Ambiguous column name < column name > is raised when executing a stored procedure with the recompile option. The stored procedure contains a derived table expression which is referencing a temporary table column. The message is raised when the procedure is executed having a different @@tempdbid from the one the procedure was created under.
377526 The sp_ldapadmin check_login 'login_name' fails.
377617 On the Solaris platform, ASE tasks may hang indefinitely while waiting for disk I/O to complete. This will occur sometime after a different task encounters a fatal error, such as a timeslice error, while performing disk I/O. The stacktrace for the timeslice error will include functions such as aioread() or aiowrite(), kaio__daiostart(), and basis_daiostart.
378145 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 's_compile_stmt' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 's_compile' and 'sequencer', may be reported in the error log when the user has a soft binding with an user temporary database and both this user and the system temporary databases are not available.
378698 Changing execution class from EC0 to EC1 does not correctly reset process priority until the next login, it should happen immediately.
378764 A new ASE dataserver option ‘-k’ and an environment variable SYBASE_PRINCIPAL are provided to specify an ASE principal name that is different from ASE’s server name. This feature is applicable to an ASE configured for Kerberos authentication.
378782 Preserve the functionality of traceflag 7703 indefinitely in all future versions
379513 The previous limit of eight databases for any QUIESCE DATABASE, MOUNT DATABASE or UNMOUNT DATABASE command has now been removed.
379527 "sp_procxmode" on a stored procedure prefixed with a database name different from the current database and no mode specification results in its mode getting set to "Chained"; if the procedure exists.
379813 Using 'SET STATISTICS TIME ON' to measure elapsed cpu time can result in negative time values.
380433 Applications using Dynamic SQL may encounter an "infected with 11 in sqt__release_chunks" message; modules 'sequencer','lwp_create' and 'sqt_deallocate' are found in the stack trace for the terminated connection in the errorlog.
380498 This release of ASE 12.5.3 ESD#3 has added a new platform support for the 64bit Linux for the AMD64 or Intel EM64T compatible processor.
380800 The message Msg. 702, "Memory request for < n > bytes exceeds the size of a single page of 16384 bytes", is raised together with a stacktrace in the errorlog including the modules 'memalloc', 'q_oreop_fill' and 'substitute' when a user executes a query with a very large IN-list in the WHERE-clause.
380801 The error 11068, "Transaction was found in the incorrect state of 'Command-attached'." will be raised if a parallel select into fails due to lack of memory.
380995 CIS: Segmentation fault occurred in routine omni_prune_subtree_cnvtnode() for select-into queries against DB2 backends.
381009 Invoking sp_sjobcontrol with the run_now option does not result in the job being immediately run. Instead, the job is run when another stored procedure request is handled or the next scheduled job comes due.
381120 Query performing outer join and OR strategy may return incorrect results. This may happen if the Dynamic Index strategy is choosen by the optimizer to execute the query.
381230 CIS: Connections to remote servers are not disconnected and remain engine affinitied until the client session terminates. The connections can now be dropped and detached from an engine after executing a statement to the remote server by enabling Traceflag 11231. Exceptions are when the statement is participating in cursor, transaction or stored procedure operations; or when ASE is in either HA failover or failback states.
381308 DBCC CHECKSTORAGE run for a database with no text/image data may fail raising the error message "You cannot use the text workspace ' < TEXT_WORKSPACE_NAME > ' for database ' < DBNAME > '; required minimum size is < X > KB. The workspace is only < Y > KB"
381823 DUMP DATABASE now has a WITH VERIFY [= HEADER | FULL ] option. This performs basic page header sanity checks (HEADER) and both page header checks and intra-page row checks (FULL) on every page that is dumped by the Backup Server.
381870 An 834, 821, 8201 and other errors may be reported when ONLINE DATABASE is performed on a fully onlined database.
381985 ASE ships the sample program, sybmapname.c, in $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/sample/server but there is no accompanying README file to explain the purpose of the program, care to be taken with implementing it, hints of coding useage etc. This CR is to request engineering/build to provide a suitable README in the same directory (or other documentation) as the program itself.
382140 The message "current process infected with 11" may be reported in the module 'ind__get_sysindrow' when DBCC LISTOAM is run with an object ID value that is not a table. The stack trace in the error log will also report the modules 'ind_getval' and 'pg_list_oam'.
382258 During session termination, if session has done a messaging operation (msgsend(), msgrecv(), msgpublish(), or msgconsume()), a stacktrace (signal 11) may occur. The stacktrace in the errorlog will contain um_destroy_conn().
382474 1) Referrals are chased automatically when LDAP user authentication mechanism is used by ASE which results in failure. 2) The sp_ldapadmin check_login 'login_name' fails.
382542 Spinlock contention on the memory pool that manages the 'heap memory per user' configuration parameter may be observed on a heavily-used multi-engine Adaptive Server.
382548 The concurrent execution of a batch or a stored procedure that contains the commands CREATE INDEX on a partitioned table, DROP of a partitioned table, and SELECT-INTO that is run in parallel, may cause an undetected deadlock scenario between the concurrent tasks, requiring an ASE restart to unblock the situation.
382555 A 12314 error: "Bad child page pointer found on page < pageno > of index with id < indid > of table < tabname > in database < dbname > . Expected child page pointer to be < pageno1 > but found < pageno2 > . Check if the index is consistant using DBCC." may be encountered while running a lot of concurrent INSERTs, DELETEs and UPDATEs on a DATA_ONLY locked table.
382686 Feature request to let the backup server check the logical page number consistency as the pages ar copied to the dump archive. The feature is enabled if the backup server is started with trace flag -D64.
382808 The message "timeslice -501, current process infected" is raised together with a stacktrace printed in the errorlog containing the modules 's_crtproc', 'lwp_create' and 'make_negative_obj_id' when sending large amounts of dynamic SQL statements to the server without deallocating these dynamic SQL statements.
382855 When the errors 1131 and 1142 are raised by the OAM builtins such as data_pgs() or used_pgs(), they are unexpectedly also written in the ASE's error log.
383040 CIS: Occasionally, on a heavily-loaded multi-engine system, the message "current process infected with 11" or "current process infected with 10" together with some stacktraces including different modules may be reported in the error log, and sometimes some ASE engines hang as well when running some CIS queries with 'set showplan on' option enabled.
383053 Contention on the procedure cache and the heap block pool governed by the "heap memory per used" configuration parameter is reduced by the addition of a spinlock specifically to synchronize access to the heap block pool.
383054 Spinlock contention can be caused by housekeeper license information chore on server with a high number of user connections configured.
383410 New feature request to export the set options textsize, stringsize and rowcount to the caller process of a login trigger. Currently this is enabled under trace flag 4073 only.
383691 Feature request to turn off error 880 message "Your query is blocked because it tried to write and database ' < dbname > ' is in quiesce state. Your query will proceed after the DBA performs QUIESCE DATABASE RELEASE." The behavior is activated using trace 833 in the runserver file.
383722 In rare circumstances, a 605 error "An attempt was made to fetch logical page < page > belongs to object with id ..." may be reported by a table scan on a DOL table when a slow BCP IN command has been previously run parallel on this table. Only expected for a 64 bits server with more than one engine or a 32 bits server which is started with -T712.
384050 In rare circumstances, on a multi-engine ASE running with traceflag 1641, heavy disk i/o load can result in ASE client hang. In some situations it could also lead to server shutdown.
384212 The message current process infected with 11 in treecpynames() with a stacktrace is printed in the errorlog containing the modules 'execproc', 's_compile', 'vu_viewcopy' when statement cache is enabled and a statement containing a derived table expression is send to the server.
384261 Under some conditions when an error occurs during SELECT INTO statement execution the Adaptive Server may attempt to unslice just created table even if this table is not sliced. While in majority of cases this action will not do any harm sometimes it may lead to errors like 622 ("Opentable was passed a varno of 2. Object already has that session descriptor in use.", 216 ("Attempt to automatically drop temporary table failed. ") and 3702 ("Cannot drop the table because it is currently in use. ")
384412 Error message 14513 requires two arguments (the database name, and name length), but ASE was providing none. The result was a poorly formatted error message, or, on some platforms, a stack trace and terminated connection.
384613 Segmentation violations in third pary Kerberos client libraries cause ASE crashes and denied access with high numbers of concurrent Kerberos authentication attempts from OpenClient applications. When using MIT Kerberos client library version 1.3.1 or earlier you can start ASE with traceflag 7844 that limits concurrent Kerberos authentications to avoid segmentation violations. The traceflag is not needed with CyberSafe or MIT verion 1.4 client libraries.
384621 On platforms that support Kerberos, a catastrophic failure, such as when a segmentation violation or a call to the C library routine "abort()" has occurred within the 3rd party Kerberos client libraries, results in error message: "Internal error - Security Control Layer (SCL) is unavailable on this engine and cannot support any external security mechanisms". The error path also disables Kerberos operations on that engine. The fix intercepts execution in the error path to release resources and allows Kerberos operations to continue on that engine.
384649 On the Windows platform the message "Could not get context for engine %d because engine is running." may apppear in the errorlog during a configured shared memory dump.
385401 100030 error is reported by dbcc checkstorage for text page after cross-platform database load.
385470 Inf and NaN can be 'updated' into a float column using JDBC client applications.
385795 SELECT @@rowcount may return incorrect value after executing EXECUTE IMMEDIATE statement if the server configuration option "send doneinproc tokens" is set to 0.
386107 The message 'current process (...) infected with 11' together with module eval_cnst_expr, run or com__mk_rslcnst may be generated when an incompatible constant SARG is used in a where clause.
386327 Adaptive Server may provide incorrect results for ct_dynamic() call requesting CS_DESCRIBE_OUTPUT if the dynamic SQL executes multi-statement batch and SELECT statement returning the data is not the first one in the batch.
386421 Under rare circumstances, a time slice error may happen while running a cross platform < LOAD DATABASE > command for byte-swapped architectures and if the source database contains partitioned tables.
386423 Error 7351 is raised when a view is created in the same batch as a select of a variable value, although the variable is not part of the view definition.
386445 A column defined in DB2 as LONG VARCHAR was not being mapped correctly and any SELECT of the column would fail to return the correct data.
386912 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'com__subquery' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'constree' and 'com__op' may be reported in the error log for a SELECT with a subquery under a CASE statement and an OR clause. A view using the same combination can also result in error 3626, "The transaction was aborted because it used too much stack space"
387036 sp_start_rep_agent with 'recovery' option run for an offline database will report the error 9280: Unable to start repagent on database < dbname > because that database has not been recovered and/or is not online.
387143 An exec immediate SQL command using a command string built from concatenated strings can fail with syntax errors or generate incorrect results if one of the strings used to built the command string has a NULL/empty value.
387279 An 875 error, "Unable to grab a buffer to allocate a page to the log in database id < id > ..." may be reported on a heavily-used 32bit Linux system that is making use of large memory support (the "extended cache size" configuration parameter is non-zero). Now, the wash size for the < server page size > pool in all user-configured caches (not the extended cache), is set to the configured wash size; prior to this change it was set to a fixed value.
387523 On a 32 bit Linux platform, a 695 or 697 error may be reported in a server configured with 2K pages and Large Memory Support(the "extended cache size" is set to a non-zero value).
387532 The message "infected with 11 in mda_populate_monCachedProcedures()" together with a stacktrace containing the modules 'mdarpc_exec' and 'exec__native_rpc' may be written to the errorlog when ASE monitoring tables are enable and the 'number of open objects' parameter is not configured high enough.
387680 CIS: SELECT from proxy_table might return the number of rows according to the previous SET ROWCOUNT, even though the rowcount has been set back to 0.
387722 The ASE for the 64-bit linux platform for the AMD64 process in the ASE 12.5.2 release can be run without any license. The licensing is not enforced in that ASE software. With this new release for the 64-bit Linux platform for the AMD64 processor in the ASE 12.5.3 release, the licensing requirement is enforced in the ASE software. For the step to add licensing, refer to chapter 3, Sybase Software Asset Management (SySAM) in the Install Guide for Linux.
387756 The message infected with 11 in decision is printed in the errorlog, together with a stacktrace containing the modules 's_compile_stmt', 'execproc' and 's_execute', when executing a stored procedure which performs a select from a view having a UNION clause. This statement must be the second statement in the stored procedure.
387857 ASE on Windows uses Certicom SSL Plus 3.1.15b libraries, and ASE on UNIX platforms uses Certicom SSLPlus 3.1.14 libraries.
388369 If user installs an ESD to a release directory that doesn't have file ASE-12_5/scripts/installjconnect, the installer will throw a ServiceException.
391734 On a 32 bit Linux platform, an OAM page of a recently created table may contain the object id of another recently created table, resulting in a 605 error when server is configured for Large Memory Support (the "extended cache size" is set to a non-zero value).

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