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Targeted CR List for ASE 12.5.3 ESD #2

The purpose of this document is to help Sybase customers obtain a general idea of potential bug fixes in future Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) EBF releases. Please be sure to read the Disclaimer and General Notes below.

Disclaimer: This document lists the targeted (not committed) fixed CR list for the release listed above. Please be aware that the purpose of this posting is solely to provide you, our customers with estimated release dates and targeted CR lists. Sybase does not commit to releasing EBFs on the specified dates or to including the CR fixes in the said EBF. While every effort will be made to meet the said targets, changes can occur at any time. It is also possible (although unlikely) that Sybase may decide not to release an EBF that was previously scheduled for release.

Bug IDDescription
385033 Supply a document (ASE-12_5/ThirdPartyLegal/ASE-1253ThirdPartyLegal.pdf) containing licenses for third party products included as a part of ASE 12.5.3. The PDF contains links to the source code distributions for those third party components that require it as a part of their licenses.
382866 The installer fails with "Object to update not found in VPD..." error when user tries to install other Sybase products over ASE 12.5.3 IR or ASE 12.5.3 ESD1 installation.
380822 SybMigrate not preserving identity values during migration. When migrating tables with identity columns the identity values were recomputed when created on the target server.
379991 The word "foreign" is misspelled as "forign" in error messages 1718 and 1724.
379449 Deadlocks involving system tables may sometimes happen when a REORG REBUILD command is being run concurrently with a CREATE TABLE command or other DDLs.
378870 A 109 error, "There are more columns in the INSERT statement than values specified in the VALUES clause" will be reported by optdiag when using the -i (input) option to load a statistics file that contains a column list with more than one column.
378774 User can't choose the location of sybsystemdb device in syconfig.exe. It always use the device at %SYBASE%\data\sybsysdb.dat.
378748 Error 7742,"You must change your password using the sp_password system stored procedure before you can continue." can be raised at the secondary site in a HA environment if the password has expired in the primary, and sp_password is run to change it.
378391 "Error: 702, Severity: 20, State: 1 Memory request for XXXXX bytes exceeds the size of a single page of 16384 bytes." together with "The SQL Server is terminating this process" may be found in the error log when concatenating strings together.
378184 When server's charset is SJIS, client charset is EUCJIS and builtin conversion (enable unicode conversion is set to 0 or 1) is used, 4847 error is raised with BCP IN command.
377973 In rare circumstances a 3474 error, "During redo the page timestamp value is less than old timestamp from log....", may be reported in the error log during recovery of a transaction which ,at runtime, was truncating a table around the time that a checkpoint was taking place.
377912 DDLGen generates NULL in Grant Statements for 'Update Statistics' and 'Truncate Table'
377737 The error 11206, "Unable to connect to server '%s'" followed by error 4002, "Login failed', will be raised if a procedure fired when a threshold is crossed tries to access an MDA table.
377503 After an upgrade to ASE 12.5.1 or above, a 7417 error may be raised by the DBCC CHECKCATALOG command run for the SYBSYSTEMPROCS database.
377488 The message infected with 11 in startscan() is raised together with a stacktrace written to the errorlog containing the modules 'curs_open', 'execute' and 'exec_eop', when a cursor statement contains a SELECT with a UNION- and a JOIN-clause using the REFORMATTING strategy, when the OPEN of the cursor is executed. The set option FMTONLY must be set on to see this issue.
377437 ASE running on multiprocessor Windows systems may occasionally fail to acknowledge cancel requests from client application causing the client application to hang in ct_cancel or ct_results.
377105 If the trace flag 9217 is active, the Replication Agent will not stop operating after having reported the error 9289 due to an inconsistent log record found. Instead it will attempt to continue the replication after having reported the error 9290 in the error log.
377075 A 9289 error, "RepAgent(5). Log record (1370, 17) contains inconsistent data. Transaction log may be corrupt" may be reported in a server with a multi byte character set when data inserted in a varchar column is longer than the definition of the column. This can happen for an insert using binary values for the character column.
377059 A new file, ASE-12_5/ThirdPartyLegal/ASE-1253ThirdPartyLegal.pdf, is included which contains the licensing terms of all third-party source code included in ASE 12.5.3.
376858 A 3939 error, "Illegal attempt to rollback transaction ... that has already committed in database ' < temporary_database_name > '", may be reported if a session is interrupted with ^C during the dropping of a temporary table and the 3706 trace flag is turned on. The interrupted session is terminated abnormally and may not have its resources cleaned up.
376767 CIS : An error is reported when UPDATE and DELETE statements with TOP syntax are sent to remote servers that do not support the TOP syntax.
376490 ASE running on the Windows Server 2003 platform does not produce correct stacktrace if ASE executable sqlsrvr.exe is not found in the current working directory.
376419 ASE gives timeslice errors when heavy I/O operations are executed on RedHat Linux variant RHEL 3.0 version
376412 Some SYS_SESSION application contexts, namely client_name, client_hostname and client_applname, can result in either wrong results.
376404 Application context SYS_SESSION fails to return results for attributes clientname, clientappname and clienthostname.
375914 When UPDATE STATISTICS is run on a proxy table that maps to a non-ASE remote server, the warning messages 11294 "The remote server ('server_name') class < id > is not supported by UPDATE STATISTICS in import mode." and "UPDATE STATISTICS will not run in import mode." will be displayed. This causes sp_text_notify on EFTS text index table to produce an error "RMTQUERY, Execution of query 'update statistics < dbname > . < owner > . < text_index > ' failed." in the EFTS log.
375755 hpia64 : If "maxfiles" (soft maximum number of file descriptors per process) kernel paramter is greater than 32767, ASE could go down due to infected with 11 with a stack trace including kadefer().
374951 The ASE server process disappears after generating the message "fatal flex scanner internal error--end of buffer missed" on the ASE console, while executing a query using the Abstract Plan syntax.
374815 In rare circumstances, Adaptive Server may hang as a result of an undetected self deadlock for a process that is trying to flush its user log cache when the cache replacement policy for the given cache is "relaxed LRU replacement".
374681 DBCC ORPHANTABLES enhanced to drop stranded temporary tables holding EX_TAB locks. These locks may be left around as a result of an ungraceful termination of a connection.
374625 The error 2601, "Attempt to insert duplicate key row in object 'sysattributes' with unique index 'csysattributes'" will be raised by the server upgrade item 1412 if a role with password expiration different than zero exists.
374160 When migrating only indexes and constraints for a database then the migration can hang and an unhandled exception is printed on the console window: java.lang.ClassCastException: java.math.BigDecimal at com.sybase.sybmigration.ObjectSelectForm$NextTask.doWork(ObjectSelect Form.java:2082) at com.sybase.sybmigration.MigrationToolThread.run(MigrationToolThread.j ava:28)
374049 In some cases, the sp_displaylogin system stored procedure will incorrectly repeat the value for the "Current Failed login attempts" property for the following item "Authenticate with".
373858 If a command is sent to ASE which contains a huge number of syntax errors (eg thousands), then the ASE task handling the command may hang in 'send sleep'. This is because the client machine has not yet called ct_results to retrieve input, and the large number of syntax error messages sent back to the client may fill the client's tcp/ip receive buffer. To prevent this, only the first 25 syntax errors in any single command batch will be reported.
373573 In rare cases, a distributed XA transaction will be left in an "In Abort Tran" state after an XA transaction manager (TM) has issued an asynchronous abort request on it and there is at least one pending attach request. A further attempt by the TM to roll back the transaction or an attempt to roll back the transaction using DBCC COMPLETE_XACT will fail.
373461 In some cases logins will be blocked when a session that is modifying a system table in the 'master' database (eg the sysattributes table through the sp_addengine stored procedure), is itself blocked because the 'master' database has been quiesced.
372728 Automatic lightweight validation of pages physically read from or written to disk will now occur when either a 694 error or some variants of a 697 error are reported. This is indicated by the message "Diagnostic checks have been turned on to report if a corrupted page is read from or written to disk. Use DBCC TRACEOFF(615) to turn these checks off" in the error log. The automatic validation may be permanently turned off by starting Adaptive Server with the 615 trace flag.
372630 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'next_root' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'vu_call_colnames' or 'clean_vars' may be reported in the error log if a view or a stored procedure using a derived table with a UNION is recompiled.
372533 The execution of "SP_SPACEUSED < table_name > " may deadlock with other sessions trying to create/drop tables in the given database.
372435 When the JS agent unexpectedly loses contact with the JS task (e.g., as a result of ASE shutting down with "nowait") while the agent is running multiple, simultaneous jobs, it attempts to shut itself down and mismanages jobs queues and memory in the process, causing the agent to core dump or hang (and not be able to resume when the JS task is revived). Symptoms include (1) a core file, (2) a freshly started JS task unable to launch and connect to a JS agent, (3) the JS task logging an error such as "Failed to receive communication buff".
372285 Allow parallel execution of queries selecting from a view with union.
372269 DDLGen now supports ASE 11.9.2 and up.
371993 In some rare cases, ALTER TABLE on a DOL table may corrupt the clustered index so that entries for some rows are missing, resulting in a lower rowcount. DBCC checktable will report a 7928 error.
371757 At times, the Job scheduler may not calculate time intervals correctly, if the job is scheduled to run past midnight. The next callout calculations were not correctly handling cases where the schedule starttime was after the schedule endtime, that is a schedule that wraps over midnight. The net effect of this error was that the schedule was being offset from the starttime when it passed midnight. The current fix handles this case correctly so schedules are rolled over midnight properly. The fix in effect recognizes that midnight, which is stored as a 0 in a CS_DATETIME, effectively needs to be viewed as the largest allowable value when approached clockwise during an operational schedule rather than as a 0. In addition to the direct fix there are a couple side effects to this fix that users may see: 1) End times are now enforced correctly. This means that when a recurrence interval falls on the end time the job will not run. The current situation is that a job can actually run past the endtime because the next callout calculation was allowing the next callout time to be outside the endtime boundary so the job would be run past the endtime and then the following callout time would move up to the next starttime. This was clearly incorrect and has been fixed, however this represents a change in current behavior. 2) Schedules where starttime equals endtime, either as default values or explicitly set are treated correctly. That is the schedule will run in continuous intervals without interruption unless constraints (day of week/date of month) are set.
371703 If SET PROXY is executed in a batch where one of the commands fail, the security context will be partially lost and the user will not be able to revert its identity. The output of sp_who will show that both the original name and the current name are set to the faked user's name.
371310 On 64 bit platforms "sp_configure 'additional network memory' ,2147481600" silently fails.
371154 Error message number 216 : "Attempt to automatically drop temporary table failed." and the stack trace may be written to the errorlog when the server encounters an error during the recompilation of the stored procedure using cursor on the temporary table.
370932 The following cp1252 sort order files are missing from $SYBASE/charsets/cp1252 directory: dictionary.srt, espdict.srt, espnoac.srt, espnocs.srt, nocase.srt, noaccents.srt and nocasepref.srt.
370092 In rare circumstances a deserialized Object attempts to validate on an incomplete read. In this case the read may be retried with an expectation of success so a retry mechanism was incorporated in the deserialization mechanism.
369966 In the case of fatal errors occuring at online time during the recovery process, Adaptiver Server error handling may not be graceful and may fail to recover subsequent databases.
369961 When using sqldebugger utility some warning messages and messages sent via PRINT statement are silently ignored without printing.
369933 The error "ct_fetch(): protocol specific layer: internal Client Library error: There is a tds state machine error. An illegal tds token sequence was received." will be raised if updating a table with a timestamp field results in a duplicate key error.
369675 The error 5850 will be incorrectly raised when the configuration parameter 'enable ldap auth' is set to zero in those platforms where LDAP is not supported.
369469 When INSERT or DELETE privileges are granted to PUBLIC, it is not possible to GRANT the same privilege WITH GRANT OPTION to an individual user.
369121 When some serious error is encountered by the server during recompilation of the stored procedure the session may be killed with the stack trace and error 216: "Attempt to automatically drop temporary table failed." This error is spurious and no temporary object will remain in the temporaray database. This problem may happen only if a stored procedure creates non temporary table.
368943 SELECT POWER(0,0) returns 'Domain error' in Adaptive Server Enterprise.
368333 LIKE can pattern match trailing-control characters without the necessary wild-card operator.
368132 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'param_setup' together with a stack trace may be reported in the error log if Union with dateadd() and getdate() builtin routines are used on proxy tables.
367984 The message infected with 11 in run() is printed in the errorlog together with a stacktrace containing the modules 'run', 'exec_eop' and 'execute' when using the STR() built-in function when the parameter 'length' is not a constant but an expression evaluating to the value bigger than 255.
367567 A role that has been locked can be incorrectly enabled unless it is protected with a password.
367339 For ASE running on linux 32bit system, 'disk init' on a tmpfs filesystem based file device fails with the message "Device activation error. PHYSNAME ' < filename > ' may be incorrect". ASE errorlog also reports "kernel dopen: open ' < filename > ', Invalid argument".
367261 The upgrade program has been enhanced to parse the text of existing stored procedures
367186 Message "infected with 11 in logcommand()" together with a stacktrace containing the modules 'logcommand', 's__altertab' and 's_execute' is printed in the errorlog when executing an ALTER TABLE statement while DDL replication for that database and statement cache are enabled.
366822 When SPID=0 is specified as a search argument to any of the Monitoring Tables the messages "ubo_object_from_slot:Pss Invalid slot id 0" and "An internal memory management error has occured. Error code: Invalid slot id." are written to the ASE errorlog followed by a stacktrace showing the ubo_object_from_slot() function as the instigator. These messages are harmless but should not be produced.
366696 The SuspendedProcesses column of the monOpenDatabase Monitoring Table should report 0 when no processes are suspended rather than NULL.
366659 The Yields, DiskIOChecks, DiskIOPolled and DiskIOCompleted columns should be added to the monEngine Monitoring Table to report the number of times the engine yielded to the OS, the number of checks for asynchronous I/O, the number of times I/O was polled for, and the number of times this poll showed that I/O completed, respectively.
364403 The message "infected with 11 in apu_force_j_alg()" is printed in the errorlog together with a stacktrace containing the modules 'apa__struct_plan', 's_ap_apply' and 's_compile_stmt' when a SELECT INTO statement is executed based on a join together with the PLAN-clause using an AP join operator describing the AP-plan for the join.
364117 The message "infected with 11 in startscan" is printed in the errorlog together with a stacktrace containing the modules 'exec_eop', 's_execute' and 'sequencer' when an assignment SELECT is executed using a VIEW with a UNION clause and the "set fmtonly" option is set on.
363815 Implemented a new strategy for fast first row return for queries using cursors with an ORDERBY. This strategy can be enabled via boot time Traceflag -T329.
362865 A 20196 error, "ubo_object_from_slot: Mail Boxes Invalid slot id < negative value > " may appear in the error log followed by a stack trace including the module 'ubo_object_from_slot' and 'smget' or 'smdestroymbox' when a query or a sort operation was executed in parallel and there was a lack of 'Mail Boxes' objects.
362703 When Adaptive Server re-evaluates the grantable lock requests that are no longer blocked, if a new lock request comes in then it may be queued behind the re-queued locks although it is compatible with them. This situation is rare, but it will result in unnecessary blocking situations, for example a 'shared intent' table lock that is granted to task A may block a 'shared intent' compatible table lock requested by task B.
362316 A 6401 error, "Cannot rollback < XACT_NAME > - no transaction or savepoint of that name found." will be reported if a named transaction is rolled back in which a SELECT that required a worktable (ORDER BY or DISTINCT for example) preceeded any transactional activity and if the database has replicated objects.
362100 If a table is altered to add a new identity column, a view created on such table column will incorrectly set the status to allow nulls.
362075 ASE running on Sun 32bit platforms may receive signal 10 or signal 11 in routine ksmask__complete. This problem affects ASE running on 32bit systems but using more than 2Gb of memory.
361979 On the NT platform, sp_listener may incorrectly report a 12990 error when a listener using the NLWNSCK protocol is specified. This may be resolved by removing any trailing whitespace from the sql.ini entry that represents this listener.
361967 The error 10901 "This query requires < value > auxiliary scan descriptors, but currently there are only < value > auxiliary scan descriptors available. Either raise the value of the 'number of aux scan descriptors' configuration parameter or try your query later." can be raised during the execution of a complex query despite having increased the 'number of aux scan descriptors' to the appropriate value.
360372 Error 3626 is raised with the text 'Message empty' when the configured stack size is insufficient to run a query. Instead the text "The transaction was aborted because it used too much stack space. Either use sp_configure to increase the stack size, or break the query into smaller pieces..." should be reported.
359754 CIS: In rare circumstances, a query with an aggregation and a GROUP BY clause on a same remote column will be passed to the remote server with some incorrect query text and return wrong results
358090 Two new builtin functions have been added, XA_GTRID( < xactname > , 0) and XA_BQUAL( < xactname > , 0) that decode an XA transaction < xactname > and report the decoded GTRID or BQUAL as a VARBINARY value. These builtins are useful in mapping XA transactions on Adaptive Server to XA transaction

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