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"We're confident that when we embed Sybase technology in our solutions that it's proven, reliable, and state-of-the-art. That allows us to maximize our human and financial R&D resources."

John Philip
Director of Product Management

Micromuse, the leading provider of ultra-scalable, real-time business and service assurance software, needed to deliver a product that helps organizations manage complex IT and communications. With Sybase technology, it helps enterprises ensure business continuity, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

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Sybase Technology


Embedded Sybase Technology Key to Success
To streamline business processes and deliver real-time services, many companies deploy an array of IT systems. They then frequently find themselves in need of solutions to help them manage those systems. That's what Mircomuse does for more than 1,700 customers worldwide, including industry leaders like BT, Cable & Wireless, Deutsche Telekom, EarthLink, J.P. Morgan Chase and Verizon.

"Our solutions are designed to ensure the availability of mission-critical, networked applications in today's global enterprises and government and military agencies," said John Philip, director of product management at Micromuse. "Our Netcool solutions also help the world's largest service providers manage networks, services and customer relationships in real time."

Using Micromuse's Netcool products, organizations can monitor their IT enterprises to spot problems or inefficiencies in their systems and address them before customers notice them. Having that kind of 360 degree visibility into the business infrastructure enables Micromuse's customers to dramatically slash downtime, increase overall efficiency and confidently enter into service level agreements with their customers for which they can charge a premium, thereby increasing profitability.

Micromuse's success and leadership position in the delivery of service and business assurance software owes much to the Sybase technology embedded in its Netcool solutions. For example, Micromuse uses Sybase Open Client and Open Server middleware to manage connection session management and inter-process communication across distributed environments.

"Open Client/Open Server is the middleware we embed in our Netcool/OMNIbus application, which is the cornerstone application of the Netcool suite," Philip said. "As the various components of the Netcool suite collect information from networks and other parts of the infrastructure, that information is passed to the Object Server, a repository for all active information. Executives, system operators and others who need it can then access that information from their Netcool/OMNIbus client applications via a Sybase Open Client/Open Server connection."

A Unified Application Program Interface for Accessing Data and Services
Sybase Open Server is a highly configurable server toolkit that greatly simplifies the design and implementation of server applications. With Sybase Open Server, programmers can extend the value of existing applications by allowing them to be used with Sybase Open Client-based applications and by integrating legacy databases into the client/server environment. Sybase Open Server provides an ideal platform for developing gateways to many forms of data in existing systems. Together, Sybase Open Client and Sybase Open Server provide a unified application program interface for accessing data and services.

"Using Sybase Open Client/Open Server has enabled us to focus on enhancing our product suite," said Kristian Stewart, director of Netcool/OMNIbus development. "We're not in the infrastructure development business, and thanks to Sybase Open Client/Open Server, we didn't have to develop our own middleware infrastructure, which would have taken many months to do. Instead, we've been able to devote our resources to creating functionality that provides our customers with a holistic view of their business operations. It's one less thing for us to worry about. Sybase Open Client/Open Server also allows us to add features and functionality while maintaining complete backward compatibility."

Getting the Right Data to the Right People in the Right Experience
As Micromuse acquired various companies and products, the company realized it needed to tie them together through a common user interface.

"We needed to consolidate a number of different Web applications into a single user interface to make it simple for our customers to access the information they need to optimize their business performance," Philip said. "We explored the possibility of developing that interface ourselves. Then we discovered Sybase's Mach Desktop Server and realized that this was another instance in which Sybase technology could save us a significant amount of time and R&D dollars."

Sybase Mach Desktop allows ISVs to make applications available to traditional Web users, limited landscape users, as well as occasionally connected WiFi users and users of other mobile devices at the edge of the network. Additionally, Sybase Mach Desktop provides a unifying presentation and delivery framework for multiple applications and content sources, enabling users to make better and more rapid decisions. It does this all from within one server providing integrated security and management tools.

Sybase Enables Micromuse to Focus on Core Mission
"From the point of view of a software development company, Sybase provides us with very important enabling technology that allows us to focus on our core mission and expertise," Philip said. "We're confident that when we embed Sybase technology in our solutions that it's proven, reliable and state-of-the-art. That allows us to maximize our human and financial R&D resources. In addition, we've developed a close working relationship with Sybase that allows us to keep up to date on their development roadmap. When we see a new product or technology that will allow us to do things more quickly or efficiently, we definitely consider it."

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