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Morgan Stanley Spain

"With Sybase, the possibility of improving the service offered by Morgan Stanley to its customers is no longer an aspiration but a reality."

Employee at Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley Spain, one of the world's largest and most recognized financial institutions, needed to harness all of its information so that it could tailor its advice to individual clients. Using Sybase technology, the company achieved its aim with minimum investment.

Business Advantage

Key Benefits

Sybase Technology


Delivering a Centralized Information Core
Morgan Stanley operates out of 600 offices in more than 25 countries throughout the world. In Spain alone, the company has a network of 33 offices and more than 50,000 clients. Morgan Stanley Spain combines the asset management and analysis resources of a world leader with extensive local market knowledge.

Morgan Stanley Spain needed to take data sources spread across multiple organizations that prevented the cross referencing of information and deliver a centralized information store to enable analysis of information by business area and organizational functions.

Maximizing Hardware Usage
Sybase IQ was selected for its unique data compression capability and open architecture. This efficiency allowed Morgan Stanley Spain to leverage existing data stores in disparate systems and maximize its hardware usage. The Sybase IQ implementation ensured that data sources spread across Morgan Stanley Spain's operations were tied together, enabling the organization to extract the useful information it needed.

Dramatically Reducing Response Times
Built with Sybase IQ, Morgan Stanley Spain now reaps the benefits of a complete data warehouse system. Information is extracted from the back office, the market itself, call centers and the Internet as well as a corporate repository, which features a scheduler, the file name of origin/destination, format, source and connection. Both the large volumes of information from external sources and the small volumes of open database connectivity (ODBC) data from the repository undergo minor transformations of format, office correspondence and simple calculations.

Morgan Stanley Spain now enjoys access to heterogeneous system-stored critical data with single, unified delivery. As a result, queries and analysis response times have been dramatically reduced, from 180 minutes to five minutes for risk management calculations, and from 30 minutes to one minute for term bonds balances. This comprehensive and efficient data warehouse provides access to information for clients, products and sales channels as well as business areas such as marketing, sales and finance.

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